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Hate this time

Hate this time

Can't cope when it comes to this time of night sat alone I get so bored and depressed my beautiful boys all in bed. The dad's out on the p### he's got it so easy a wish I could socialise if I was my normal self I wish makes me so angry knowing he can do what he wants when he nos I can't I feel like going crazy 😜 it's not fare so am not letting him back in had enough now I'm sat watching a bike on the tele how interesting is my life

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You not like X Factor , I am a celeb or Strictly :-/

I thought it has been a good night on the TV :-)

I can understand how you feel and when we have anxiety we can feel so resentful and feel others actions are inconsiderate but you know I had to tell myself it is me that suffers not them and as long as they help all they can when they are about they need a life they cannot totally put theirs on hold to because we are struggling even though are minds feel they should at times and not letting him in , I know how you are feeling but do you think if you take that path it might make you feel anxious because an argument always does , could upset the boys if they realize their Dad is locked out which I know you would not want , maybe let him in and just give him the silent treatment :-/ Mine can't cook so I go on strike & stop cooking works every time :-D

You will eventually get your social life back in the meantime have you a friend that could come round when he goes out , could you rent a movie when you know he is going out and get some chocolate or whatever it is you like and munch away while watching the movie or how about having some pampering time , nice hot bath , paint you nails maybe with 5 boys you must find it hard to get some time for you , I would use this time for me when he was out and kids in bed

O this may not have helped but be kind to yourself :-)

Take Care x


I Always pamper me self lol. A cant watch a movie alone no way and I don't stop him doing anything but when he's been out since 1this afternoon it gets to me thats taking the biscuit. Ye have loads of friends I can't socialise anymore with them I totally sick it's horrible I feel ok am just lonely. My anxiety usually kicks in when am laying down so am sat watching match of the day at the moment ha ha x

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O well if he has been out since 1 this afternoon then he wants a good talking to because that is extreme and it won't help your anxiety either !

Hope you feel sleepy soon and get a good nights sleep :-) x

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Exactly that's not rite when we have kids be different if it was other way around that's What Gets me bounce I hope so to but a bet when I'm drifting il hear a knock plus u can't settle knowing he's out I worry about him x


I'm ways sleepy no Matter What lol



I've not spoken to you before, but omg I know exactly how you feel, got the t.shirt and a gold medal round my neck. It eats away at you and eventually you get to a point where you can't think of anything else. Pointless inviting friends round because all you want to do is talk about him, which is ok for 10-15 minutes and then your friends will suggest to talk about something else, but you don't want too. It's like you're consumed by him, yet when he eventually gets home stinking of beer, a part of you is 'so' happy but another part of you wants to go mad at him.

Pointless because if he has been out drinking since 1pm he won't be in any state to have any sort of conversation with you or anyone!!

Does he call you throughout the day, to ask how you and the kids are?

Eventually you will know what to do next, and it won't be today or tomorrow it will just happen. He may realise what he has - 'You' and how close he is in losing you.

Make him stop, look up and think 'What am I doing?'

When you're ready, tell him not to make any plans as you are going out!

Make yourself beautiful, new dress, hair been done that day, new perfume even if it's a tester and spray it around the room, so after you've gone out he can still smell you.

Tell him not to wait up!

Do something out of character, it worked for me!!!

Good luck, no playing games, go out for a meal, no lies, be late, go back to your girlfriends house for coffee etc.

He will be up waiting, or in bed but not asleep!

Best wishes


P.s. Let me know how it goes!


Lol I've done that to him plenty of times years ago ha ha why not he loves me and I love him but a cant stand him been out that long and no he don't ring at allow actually left his phone so I had it. He came in at 12.30 absolutely mortal stinking but I will get him back eventually hate it men have it so easy but patience is a vertue lol. Xx

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I'm very intrigued by your name - Were?

Any reason for that name?

So what are your plans today??

He has a great hangover, how about saying just popping out for a bit and enjoy the whole day to yourself, leave the kids with him!

Or does he take you all out on a Sunday for lunch??

Thanks for letting me know he is home.....



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He's took my two eldest boys to football ⚽ today. While I prepare a sunday roast. And no no reason for name just popped in me head it's like we're do I start were do I go and so on x


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