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I hate anxiety

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My anxiety was bad before but it seems to never go away completely

I keep getting symptoms like

Sensation feeling around my feets and arms like needles...

feeling edgy like can’t relax, tense

Vision very sensitive

Feeling jumpy at times

Was recommended to take magnesium and calcium

Doesn’t help really

Best time is when I’m busy but when driving, chilling on sofa or in bed, it’s worse!!!

Help please how to get rid of them

I’m really sick of it

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I am the same way! I have been using word puzzles games, coloring app on my phone and other low stressful things to keep my mind active on something else so my focus can be away from my restlessness. Hope you can find an active that can help take your contraction off your physical symptoms.

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Davola77 in reply to kkat37

Yes I do but I can’t keep active myself all the time... I need rest sometimes!!!

It’s horrible... makes my body feel like it’s eating me know what I mean

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kkat37 in reply to Davola77

Oh yes I agree does music help? I use to play classic sleep music it would help me relax to sleep

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Davola77 in reply to kkat37

I’m deaf that’s one problem I can’t hear music....

it’s frustrating

I feel like this! On edge and jittery all the time, constantly looking for distractions because I'm scared that being alone with my thoughts like at night will bring on an anxiety attack. I find deep breathing, yoga and meditation actually do work

What breathing ????

Controlled breathing from your belly and diaphragm, not your chest. So taking a slow breath in and only your belly expanding not your chest, holdjng that breath for a second or 2 then letting it out slowly. Following a YouTube video helps.

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through. Have you tried exercise? I notice that after I exercise I feel so much better. Also try deep breathing exercises. Samson

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