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Life is scary.When attacks happen however mild all the old fears keep returning and the what if syndrome comes back with a vengeance usually what if I die what if I have a terminal illness.Like now at this very minute life feels difficult.For no reason.and the worst thing is the intense shame I feel at feeling like this.Cant talk to anybody about it.Cant talk to my friends as they think I am a super confident successful business person.

Well anxiety happens to doesnt matter what or where you are in life it can attack you.

It doesnt matter who you are I am sure this site will help me and where I can share my experiences good and bad

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Hi, this site is fantastic it helps me a lot ,reading other people's questions and comments makes me feel better .. It's good to know your not on your own! Always here for a chat x

Hope you r ok , I'm feeling very anxious at the moment, I feel exactly the way you just wrote it down !

Take care x

Hi, I am also so scared at the moment, so many things scare me, mostly my health anxiety ,not a day goes by without me thinking something awful is going to happen to me. HATE IT, HATE IT. Thinking of you all on here and it is good to know there are people who understand how you are feeling. xx

thank you so much for your comments.They really help x

Hi, your post made me feel very sad, immediately knowing how you are feeling. Out of all the symptoms anxiety brings the feeling of being scared for me is the worst one, its almost another entity entirely within me when im in the midst of a bad spell, and really when I think about it the only thing thats making me scared is myself of which this brings me such sadness and guilt I cant shift at times. This site is excellent though and when im on here i feel a great sense of myself which is an instant calmer. Keeping busy, even when your scared its amazing what you can get done, I exercise a lot and last year I took up body combat of which is a great way of releasing tension, I use the class not only as exercise but as a visualisation exercise also, I imagine my anxiety is standing in front of me and im kicking its butt (ha)...You'd be surprised at how your friends can help and will be understanding, and how many others are/have experienced anxiety in there lives, having someone to sound off to is really important if yu can I would give it a go with your friends, mine are and have been amazing, Im about to go through a long episode of analytical psychotherapy of which Ive told my closest friends so then they are prepared/aware of whats going on and are there fro the fallout/journey, starts next week(im scared of this) but know its what ive needed since the start...You take care and keep coming on here its a fab site Deex



I do understand how you feel, and wish you better.

One thing you said was you cant talk to your friends, as they think your super confident.

Friends, take us how we are good and bad, and we help each other, through the trials of our lives, no use decieving others, as in reality we are decieving ourself, we will be found out in the end, but more importantly it can create more stress and thats not helpfull to us in feeling better.

So we are a bit gentler to ourself, and understand we are allowed to be a human being too. It will help.

wishing you well



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Hi Deecey,

Yes I agree.Last year I got lazy and didnt exercise much but have started to take it up again.First class Tuesday.I hope to build up gradually and think it will be a great help.


hi, i would reccommend a book called self help for your nerves by claire weeks. you can get it from amazon. also a website called Also talk to someone. You are not alone as this happens to 1 in 3 people. I have just been on a 6 week stress control course and found it quite helpful. x

jackiemil1 in reply to hypo7

Thank you.Off to Amazon


if you really struggle talking to your friends about your anxiety i have found this site brilliant , just to know you aren't alone and sometimes like me you bond with someone you talk to on here and have a new friend who will forever understand what you are going through and you can support each other through the good times and the bad. for me no one can truly understand anxiety unless they have been there, your friends will try but its scary when you have an attack and hard to understand x stay strong and know there are people out there going through the same problems you are x

i understand "the fear". i have post traumatic streess disorder and it is sometimes really REALLY difficult to rationalize when all you feel is overwhelming fear. For me part of my anxiety was having to cope alone. and when i felt like that the only way i could fight back the fear, was to fight back the fear! tell youreself YOU CAN and YOU WILL. if i does happen YOU WILL BE OK. i hope you can find strength in yourself again. xx

Thank hou so much.What great advice.Fight the fear back and dont give in to it.Far easier to understand when put like that. xx

I just want to say that I am overwhelmed by how kind you all are.Thank you your words have truly helped me

hi jackiemail;

I have been fighting anxiety foe a scared and nervous all the time ---like right now im scared and nervous foe no reason----slighr things acared me ---i dont know what to do, how do you deal with it


I use cognitive behaviour therapy.I keep asking myself for the evidence of me being really ill and when I cant come up with anything amd I start breathing slowly it goes away.Another trick is to distract yourself.Concentrate on anything but the fear and slowly it goes away.

Try to think nice thoughts.imagine you are somewhere nice like a beach that helps too.

Good luck xx

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