scattered thoughts written here

scattered thoughts written here

made a facebook because apparently I have no identity without one. It feels disgusting to be on there. Waiting for likes, for comments, for reactions. Waiting for people to acknowledge my existence in a virtual world. Friending people that aren't my friends. Lurking up on people who aren't my friends. Endless mindless scrolling through an ether of miserable lives. How bad can it get? The world is mad, alienating, and we all lack first-person, lived experiences. Where are the people? Where can I talk and be heard? Where do my gestures matter? Where do yours matter? What happens to the lonely? What happens to me? To you? This place is a cesspool of self-loathing, fear, and the absence of any radical content. Fading away


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8 Replies

  • facebook is a fraud. No one has the beautiful, blissful lives they pretend to have. The more posting and more "friends" the worse their life really is.

    If you are having fun and a life there is no time to post on that place.

    Stay off to be happy!

  • If there is any site you don't like the best thing to do is not post there, leave it to the judgment of the people that are there if they like it. Just ignore it, delete your profile and move on.

  • To my mind Facebook is one of those styptic creations of modern life which is eroding the actual needs of a human being being human, detached from life with little connection of any kind with what is very loosely know as the 'reality' of both the subjective and the objective, the subjective being how people read what may be on there and the objective being what actually is on there. The world is mad as you indicate and the fact that 'we all lack first-person, lived experiences' is a beautiful phrase which encapsulates exactly the absurdity of life as it is these days. The only purpose of Facebook, again to my mind, may be a quick and relatively easy means of keeping in contact with relatives who may or may not appreciate the fact that families these days are scattered in places around the globe who otherwise would simply not bother. It is a tool. It is not compassionate. It is nothing but a substitute for person to person contact and at its broadest sense it is bloody annoying. Standing waiting for a bus it is not uncommon for young people, usually girls, to make known the fact that 'so and so messaged me on Facebook and then she said and then he had.....' it goes on and always will go on. You have an identity outside of a Facebook account and please accept that. I agree completely with your comments.


  • John,

    Thank you for the validation, and mutual discontent. Makes me feel more comfortable knowing someone shares the same kind of grief about it. It's like a striking reminder of how dissociated we are from ourselves and others. I'm friends with significantly older people than me, as I value inter-generational dialogue, and find myself mourning over the fact that they have LIVED - they saw live bands for very little $, played in silly bands b/c why not, fled to xyz city b/c all the artists were there, cooked dinner for people....they were people's people. They liked company, their doors were open. I"m not quite sure what living means anymore. But this cheered me up a bit, thank you :)

  • Your thoughts mirror mine although I don't have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, twotter or whatever else they come up with. I have family who tell me I should have it because people I went to school with can find me, friend me and follow me. Wft would I do that to myself for? I hated school. I hated more than half the people I went to school with. Though I am older now and the hate has been transformed into an acceptance of where they and I were at in our lives, I don't NEED any of that in my life. It's complicated enough. If those people really wanted to know how I was going, they would have been in touch with me earlier than Facebook. The only reason people friend you is to compare your haves and have nots to theirs.

    Your thoughts, feelings and gestures matter to you and to be honest, that's all that counts. We don't need the validation or approval of other people. We need our OWN validation and acceptance. Life is much greater and happier when we realise this.

    Here at least, we have support and understanding. This is where I hang out. It's not my life, only a small part of it For the time being.

    I like how you wrote your thoughts. You could genuinely turn that into some deep poetry. Write your thoughts and feelings down. Treat yourself like a friend that needs a helping hand. We are worth that and more.

    It's a jungle out there.

  • This made me laugh a bit - I totally relate to hating school, and not wanting to know any of those nuts. You make plenty of good points - esp. about friends only friending you to compare lives >:/ Thank you for the clarity and support, I hear you when you say that being my OWN person matters most, that if it feels good to me ...who the f* cares what others think, how they react???

    And I very much appreciate the kind words on the way I write !!! Felt good to read that.

  • Yes, nuts is a good name for them..

    Thank you for your feedback. And you're more than welcome for the compliments on your writing. I call a spade a spade and I say what I mean and usually mean what I say. I think you write well. :)

  • I.m sorry, but I disagree...Facebook is for fun, and before I joined ,I felt alianated from the world..since joining, I have got in contact with friends I havant seen in years, yes, somethings are annoying, but I just stroll makes me feel part of the outside I dont go out much, with my anxiety....just my opinion. xxxx

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