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It's been just over a year since I've been Diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety!

I hardly left the house at all, fear of going out side struck big time.

I would go out in to my garden sometimes to go gardening, which I found calming and relaxing but that it all I would do. I wouldn't go any where with out my mother.

In the pace of a year I've put on 4 stone.

I was a size 12-14 now I'm 18-20. None of my clothes fit.

Has this happened to any ond else how do I lose the weight. I'm scared, I don't leave the house and I have no motivation. And the weight gain don't help my depression.

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Are you taking anything for your depression ?

Sometimes meds can put us weight on

Hormones depending on what age we are , can also put us weight on

Do you feel you snack more

I to very rare leave the house , even though I stay busy , at home , I no its not like been out & about , getting some exercise

I struggle loosing weight , I no my hormones have played a part in some weight gain , but I also no that not getting out wont be helping me either

Its not for what I eat I do no that

Have you spoken to your GP about this ? as its a bit of a circle , depression , weight gain , not been able to get out then weight gain helping to make you feel depressed & so on , this cycle you need help to break it down

I no its not nice , putting weight on , but for now , try & concentrate on getting well , the rest will come

See your GP , maybe they could look at your meds , give you some blood tests , a good MOT check , then once they come back all clear , which I'm sure they will , some counselling would be a help if you are not having any

Try not to despair , people are or have been where you are , & slowly , little steps , live has got better

Keep coming on here it helps & let us no if you see your GP & how it goes





I've been putting on weight over the years anyway, but I started going to the gym last year and lost about a stone and half. Now I've put that all back on. I'm on Mirtazapine, and that has contributed highly! But also, I had a long break from the gym and was housebound for a few months. So that too contributed to putting weight on. I would walk a lot too, and haven't been able to go out walking as much. I started going back to the gym about 3 months ago, so I'm toning rather than loosing weight at the moment. If you can't get out at the moment, I would highly recommend investing in equipment for home. Even just a little exercise bike. Some weights. This is what I was doing for a few months. I got rid of my exercise bike a while ago, but I still have some weights here. So I was doing that and squats, twists, push ups, sit ups. Also, if you have a passageway that you could possibly do some walking/running along. If you can get out, walks are great! Soak up some vitamin D from the sun, that will help depression. I don't get anywhere without my mum neither, but we go to the gym together. Within time, I'll try to go on my own at times. Do you live in a flat or house with stairs? I was walking up and down stairs when I was unable to get out of the house. I'm a size 16.. my weight is stable at the moment, but I really would like to go down to a size 10-12. With anxiety/depression, it's not easy. I would often eat comfort food when I felt down, and then feel down after about my weight. It's an endless cycle that needs to be broken. xxx


I went from a size 14 to a pretty decent 20, maybe even pushing at a 22. I kept telling myself if I actually wanted to loose the weight I would. Now, I think that the weight was one of the excuses I used to keep me safely away from the world. I was feeding my agoraphobia as well as myself.

After I was prescribed anti-depressants I started looking into other ways I could help myself because the tablets were taking a LONG time (it seemed it) to kick in and I found Zumba (at this point the only regular exercise I'd ever done was P.E at school 13 years ago). The biggest thing is finding something you like doing because then you want to do it, but you need to find something that hits that point of endorphin release to get the full benefits. I Zumba at home, but I'm thinking about joining a class near me. There are loads of DVD's out there that you can do in your living room whenever you feel like it (check Amazon maybe) but you need to do it fairly regularly. To be honest, the only reason I kept up with it day after day is because It made me feel good (gotta love those endorphins). Nothing to do with weight loss; although that was a massive bonus. :)

I'm now down to a pretty healthy 16. Damn but I got solid thigh muscles now. Never had those before. :P


I wish I could like a post, because the above post from Soosh is great! And well done for getting down a 16! I fancy trying Zumba, I tried out the Wii version but I was just not getting the hang of it haha


Thanks! Sounds like we could share clothes. :D Oh, I like that idea.

I think my sister has the Wii version too, but never uses it. When she comes here at the weekends she Zumbas with me. Well, when she can be bothered. :P

I've not actually tried the Wii version, so I don't know, but maybe the instructions aren't very clear, they go too fast or possibly the routines are a bit difficult for a beginner, which I've actually noticed with the new DVDs I bought last year. They really throw you in the deep end and it takes a few repetitions of each to get the hang of the structure of it; so you're not stumbling around dazed and confused. If you want to try to DVDs, get the 2007 versions first maybe. They come in an orange sleeve and you get the toning sticks with it. I got mine from QVC (hang on, I'll check to see if they still have it... yep they do! Item number ~400 000 and it's on clearance too :) ) Even those take a bit to get used to, but the more you do it; the better you get. I've been using them over a year now and there's still small improvements I make to certain movements now and again. They just slowly click, and you're like "Ahhh! so that's how you do that. Gotcha". x


HELLO could you please let me know which medication you are takeing, didnt realise can make one put on weight, regards Katherine x.


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