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I first visited this site few months ago when was in depths of despair with anxiety I was struggling through work I blogged this one day and the support and advice was incredible I couldn't believe any one could feel as bad as me... The anxiety has lifted and I now am continuing to carry out my job as a community staff nurse.. Thanks to you all and people remember there is help here and always support.. I continue to read the blogs and hope and pray suffers of anxiety get better

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Glad to hear you are keeping well utdfan :) it's nice to hear when someone finds relief. X


Excellent that's fantastic news. I'm glad this site helped you it's a great comfort to know you are not alone. Keep going and we are here if you need us love eve x


That's a lovely inspiring blog, well done and it's also lovely that you are thinking about everyone else too.




Fantastic news and a lovely blog to read. This site is a life line with so many people struggling but with good people can release fears and anxiety etc. So glad the site was a comfort to you.

I wish you luck and let us know from time to time how you are doing..


Love Seyi xx


I have also found comfort on this site with people who understand. I can be stressed at work and pretend i am all happy but on this site i can just be me and tell how it is.


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