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Anxiety- Heavy Head, Off-Balance

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Hi All,

I'm brand new to this site. I'm intelligent (or so I'm told :) ), highly educated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and Business Admininstration. I can't figure out my own body and symptoms anymore as they relate to anxiety. I don't know anymore is its anxiety of I'm something else. I have experienced anxiety and pani attacks on and off most of my life (I've gone for years without panic attacks or severe anxiety but not now).

I travel a lot for work and try to ride out anxiety and panic when it occurs. However, the last couple of weeks I've woken up

Feeling off balance, foggy and like my head weighs 100 pounds. It fells so full as if my neck can't support it. In addition, I feel like I have involuntary jerky movements. I sat through an all-day meeting feeling/knowing everybody could sense what was wrong with me. I'm usually an articulate speaker, but felt like I wasn't making sense. Last night, driving home from a dinner, I felt like I was going to have or was having a seizure. I have no history of seizures but the jerking, fullness, foggy feeling and anxiety convinced me I was about to have a seizure. It was incredibly unnerving.

Please help! Am I the only one that has experienced this? I'm scared...

PS I've had full blood work and an abdominal CT scan for an unrelated issue. Everything was normal.

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I've had everything you described, even the seizure thing!! I had a migraine yesterday and my body felt like I was going to have a seizure, it's not a nice feeling. But we have to accept they're anxiety symtoms and they will go away on their own. You are the only person causing these, so you can make them go away :) you won't be like this forever as you said you've had anxiety for years and years and from experience you know your peaks go away on their own. Good luck I'm sure you'll be fine :)

Ps I'm jealous of how clever you are

Thank you so much... I just want to know I'm not alone in this hell!

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Kirsty456 in reply to Santana08

Hi I've had the same one Friday afternoon I started w such a bad headache I thought my head was going to drop off n felt swollen and enlarged !!!! Really awful n I've had the heavy head which seems for me contributed to my legs and shoulders been heavy too

It's not nice but if we try not to panic or think about the issues too much for me they tend to pass quicker !!! Xx

You're welcome and you're defiantly not!!! :)

Did the full blood scan include B12?

Hi have not been on this site for a while,but last year was hell with anxiety ,you know its simply a tired mind ,yes its awfull and you think you cant get past it but you can,I ask you to look into a book called AT LAST A LIFE ,,,,BY PAUL DAVID ,,this guy suffered 10 years anxiety etc I would not be without this book ,is a no nonesense book GET IT,,,,I never thought I would say this in a million years but anxiety and the way it affects your life ,was the worst ,but also the best thing that happened to me ,it made me look st me and my life not anyone elses .we can only change ourselfs no one else I wish you well also councilling is good as you can tell a complete stranger everything and it stays with them ,good luck

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Santana08 in reply to dolly11111

Thank you so much! Please don't leave this site, We need you. I NEED YOU! Peace and prayers.

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dolly11111 in reply to Santana08

Here when you need to talk ☺😊😀😁

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cpmydream in reply to dolly11111

I want to ask that how is that book,

Is it helpful when you have GAD and mostly I believe in self help then medication,

Should I buy it?

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dolly11111 in reply to cpmydream

Yes its a great book look it up see tge reviews but I wont be without it ,☺😊😀

It sounds like the anxiety is making you feel like this. Our thoughts become irrational when we are anxious. I have had panic attacks as well. I have not had any for a long time until recently. I had a biopsy taken from my womb in case I had cancer and a very frightening MRI scan. My husband has hurt his back recently and I think all this stress has accumulated and I tried to give up smoking and finally went into irrational mode and am actually still in it. All this happened recently and I am trying to think rationally about things now. I don't have cancer as I heard today that I don't but boy do I feel vulnerable and wobbly and fearful and irrational and I know it is the anxiety. It will pass if I can stop adding fearful thoughts to it, but I see it as an indication that I must work on myself to get better.

I do not know if it is true of medical staff but I have heard that they can be bad patients. Go and see your doctor and find out what this is. It sounds like you have been stressed recently.

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Santana08 in reply to gillym

Thank you for your post, it helps! I have not worked in a clinical setting for ten years but oversee more than 209 hundreds for their outreach programs, thus all the travel. I can't take away my clinical background, sometimes it's a benefit, other times it is not. ❤️

Thank you! Yes, I'm the worst! I can perform cardio conversions for arythmias and be strong for those around me. I struggle with my own self worth and self strength. Probably will always. Sad.

You're definitely not alone, I know the feeling you're taking about and I have come to relize I have those symptoms really horribly when I don't sleep well. Lack of sleep greatly affects my anxiety. Are you sleeping okay, at least 8 hours? 9 is better =)

I think a lot of people in the caring professions are so used to being strong for others. I know I have a pattern of this too. Don't laugh! I am a counsellor. Being a counsellor does not mean we have it all sewn up. You can know what's helpful and what isn't but when you feel like this yourself, it is very hard to believe that it will pass. I think it is very important for people like us who are used to being there for others, learn to accept support and help ourselves.

It doesn,t matter what walk of life we all come from we,are all human biengs trying to get by in an ever changing world I to used to work in a hospital and saw so much stress and anxiety ,let just help each other find a solution so we can all just simply enjoy each day ,life is too short to let a tired old mind take controll of us ,we will all help each other get controll back in lifes ,😀

I have that and in my case it is Extreme anxiety. Same type symptoms. This is a good group, you will get answers

Isince the beginning of 2020 I have been hospitalized twice fore this. I can only sit up occasionally for the pain in my neck and back. Doctors are of no no help at all. My head feels like it weighs 100 lbs. Any advice?

You are not alone! I have been living with the exact same symptoms for years. As much as it may feel like you won’t get through will. Exercise. Just walking helps me a little.

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