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So I used to love a hot bath. Where my skin turned red as soon as I got in and I'd stay in until I was wrinkled. Then Whitney Houston died in the bath because she had cocain and passed out well I don't take drugs so it shouldn't have bothered me but here I am in a lukewarm bath worried that I'm going to pass out and drown. Gotta love health anxiety. Anybody else have these lovely fears from celebrity deaths? Big hugs xx


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  • I know how you feel I used to soak for about a hour now I'm in quick wash and out within 5 minutes cause I think I'm going to pass out 🙈

  • I hate that you feel this way too but I also am relieved that it's not just my mind that focuses on deaths that are published. Big hugs xx

  • No, I have other type pf anxiety due to my PTSD.....but know that you mentioned loving baths, I used to also but now only take showers, because we downsized to a much smaller home. While there are showers in all the bathrooms, there is only a very large step-up type whirlpool bathtub that I cannot climb into or out of safely.

    I know your's is a serious anxiety, so I hope you find my bath tub a bit funny and lightens your day a bit........Really, it is wickedly it like a cartoon in your head......A 5'3" woman can't manage to enjoy a bubble bath because she can't manage to climb in or out this beautiful oversize tub without falling on her head! lol....come on, it's funny and the joke's on me. :)

  • Oh bless you!! For a whirlpool style bath I think I'd install steps so I could get in and out :) thank you for the chuckles Hun I needed that :) big hugs :) xx

  • Good, I was hoping you would enjoy the joke.

    The problem with the steps solution, this tub would probably empty the entire hot water tank! Have no idea what the previous owners were thinking when they added this tub.....maybe you could come to my house and share a would keep my anxiety down about falling and I would be there for you to assure you would have NO chance of drowning. And we could have virgin Pina Coladas....appropriate as I live in Tampa, FL and the hot summer has come!.....I have thought about just soaping up in our swimming pool, but my husband freaked out about would screw up the ph balance of the water. :)

  • As much as the thought of lazing in a huge tub with non alcoholic cocktails and a fellow anxiety buddy sounds wonderful I don't think the flight from good old Blighty would make it possible 😪😂 don't know about freaking out the hubby but I think the neighbors might have a few giggles and possibly YouTube material if you were to start washing your hair in the pool :) 😬 Xx

  • Just about every third house in Tampa seems to have a pool, and fences are mandatory as a protection from children getting into the pools unsupervised if they don't have one. Our pool also has a "bird cage" screening room over it, so no bugs, and the shrubbery provides us privacy except from the golfers some distance away from the back of our property. So it still just gets back down to the issue of me being afraid of falling and not having the finances of flying you here! Oh, well........:)

  • No reason to stop taking baths, obviously you don't take drugs or cocaine so you shouldn't be worried. It's an irrational thought, however we all get them (especially me). I suffer from health anxiety as well and have irrational thoughts all the time. Sometimes you just need to take things into perspective and realize that theres no danger. Baths are soothing. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • Thanks Philly I do try and you're right the irrational thoughts are there to be fair 8/10 times I do ok it's just those times when I can't settle and I thought I wonder if other people have these fears like me from celebrity deaths. Thank you for the reply and for being the voice of reason:) big hugs xx

  • Yes!! I saw that a lady recently died when a cream can hit her in the chest. Guys who's avoided cream?... I saw that Carrie fished does on an airplane of cardiac arrest, I got back off holiday today and was absolutely terrified the whole flight. If I see that anyone has died or hear about it I obsess over it :(

  • That cream can is probably going to scare me now Hun, that's possibly one of the strangest and worst things to have on a death certificate. Which incidentally is something I think about a lot. There are certain things I really wouldn't want to be remembered for and a cream can to the chest is one of them. Big hugs Denny, I have hope that we can beat this and be able to hear about death without it going over and over in our minds xx

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