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Being Harrassed

I have been doing well in trying to improve my mood recently and have started a new job which overall has helped even though this has caused a little extra stress of its own. My mood has improved, but now I find someone I used to know is harrassing me by sending me unwanted emails and messages. I am not replying to any of these messages now and have contacted the police - they said they will be calling me back shortly and calling on me to gather what has been sent. I know the person's address, etc. I feel I have slipped back in mood and finding it difficult sleeping tonight. Its not nice when someone is being nasty to you without good reason. I can normally cope with things but this stress is pushing me down again, though I'm hopeful I will feel ok again soon. I am trying not to let it get me down. I am about to start some telephone counselling too so am hoping that will help. If anyone knows of any helpful things I can do to reduce anxiety and negative thinking please let me know. Thanks.

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I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this.I have been going through something similar over the past six months or so with a certain family member.We eventually had to take out a written harassment order with the police and it has impacted heavily on my anxiety.This illness is enough to deal with on its own without such enviromental stress isnt it.Knowing that there is someone out there who wishes you harm is something that is very hard to live with.

Do you take medication for your anxiety? Anti-depressants can help and most of the newer SSRIs and SNRIs have licences for anxiety too.I wish you luck and pm me if you would like.


Thanks Robbie. Yes I'm taking Mirtazapine, which is a different kind of anti-depressant and it does help with the anxiety too. Should also be back with Zopiclone shortly for help with sleep, though my plan is to come off these eventually. The key for me is to completely ignore the nuisance messages and not to respond as I believe they are designed to annoy. I'm sure that will help, and the police should be giving some helpful tips later. The person doing it is a bit of a nutter for want of a better word. Thanks again and I'll PM you if I need to.


hi formidible, i had a situation like this at work, the girl was threatening me via email from the next bloody room. i saved and collected all my emails as proof (she quite clearly was not very smart.....twat) handed them to my boss who tryed to shrug it off so i went to the police. at that time in my life i was excetionally low and ended up leaving cos i was having major panic attacks in the loos so i left. please dont let this stupid twat get you down and push you out your job and lower your mood. when you think about it what a twat, if your gonna be a bitch dont leave the bloody evidence......what a plonker!!!!!! chin up, go in with your head held high and as you walk past him/her just call them a twat in your head:) dont actually waste any breath. xxxxxx


Thanks Sam.


You can also block this person from your email list - do it now but do save the messages for the police.

Bev x


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