Medication.....what works

I have been diagnosed with GAD and am currently taking 40mg citalopram daily. It seems to take the edge off my anxiety sometimes but I still have episodes like I am having at the moment when I am worried to the point I think my head is going to explode or I am going to lose my mind.

I think I'll have to make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and wonder if there is any other medication he could give me to help me deal with this.

I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what they are taking and if it helps.

Thank you


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  • I am taking escitropalm and its a newer version of what u are taking. How long have u been on citropalm and do you get break through symptoms now and again.

  • I've been on it for about 7 months. What are breakthrough symptoms

  • What therapy have you been given, along with the drugs, to allow you to cope with he symptoms of anxiety?



  • I've had CBT Therapy and attended stress management. Started taking the meds when I started CBT x

  • Hi Sofie, I do feel for you,

    Is any of the therapy working? are you doing it to ease the feeling of anxiety?

    Or are you relying on the meds only.



  • The therapy works sometimes but every now and then I very quickly get overwhelmed and cant think straight enough to use the CBT tools and spend most of my time feeling highly anxious, ruminating, catastrophising and unable to function other than to sit, worry and worry some more. I definitely think I need to see the doc again because I really dont think the meds are working at all

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. This site has been my saviour this weekend

  • Hi Sofie,

    That is a common thing with a blaster, the coping strategy goes out the window, I used to get that too.

    In the end I found one very simple technique that did help, and because I use it everyday I'm able to access it when the blasters come.

    I do hope the doc can help.

    wishing you well



  • Thanks again, you have been so kind x

  • Hi again Baylien,

    Could I ask what your technique is?

  • Hi formidible

    I'll send you a message with my technique in it.

    wishing you well



  • Hi Baylien.

    Wonder if you could pass on your technique if you don't mind. It would be much appreciated.

    Thanks xx

  • Citalopram again is an anti-depressant. Some anti-depressants can help with anxiety but many do not. I'm beginning to wonder if their are any other anti-anxiety drugs out there other than tranquillisers (which are addictive and virtually unobtainable in the UK) or anti-depressants?

  • Pretty much all the drugs used to treat anxiety are anti-depressants which do have a stabilising effect. There is pregabalin which has been licensed for GAD and I think a couple of other anticonvulsants that are used off label. If I remember correctly these are used for generalised anxiety but not for panic disorder so whether they will be appropriate for you depends on your anxiety symptoms.

  • In 25 years of anxiety I've run through pretty much the entire SSRI/SNRI playbook and a few tricyclics thrown in too. While some of them have helped immensely (for me paroxatine and citalopram - though different SSRI/SNRIs affect different people in different ways so you have to experiment with them) none of them stop all the symptoms they only ever took the edge off. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that drugs are not going to be the answer to anxiety rather a long therapy process is going to be what really makes the change.

  • I to have had Paroxatine over a long period it did help for about 12yrs until withdrawal systems broke in increasing the drug helped for a while but again withdrawal took over!!The anxiety increased a thousand fold and I had systems that I had never had before starting the meds!!!!I have found out that this drug is very very addictive and you go to hell and back to come off of it!! Thankfully I have a super Gp and now with the help of bettablockers I have reduced down to 20mgs.It does not help but I have to reduce very slowly!! The betablockers stop the terrible wash of fear of illness and and fear of going to die! I am coping but to any one being offered the above drug don't take it!!

  • Hi, I could not get on with Citalopram , so GP changed it to Fluoextine, after 4 weeks I seem to be picking up!

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

    Take care X

  • I currently take Propanalol for my anxiety, it does take the edge off but I am still not great. Have had Citalapram and Escitalapram in the past and after the first initial few weeks of feeling worse they did help. My friends keep telling me to ask for CBT as it is the anxiety that is worse than the depression, I also have physical effects from the anxiety, at the moment my whole right side is numb/pins and needles with "dead" leg and arm, I have been refered for an MRI scan but I know it is the anxiety causing it. I hope the doctor finds something to help you. take care xxx

  • Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. I've made an emergency appointment to see my GP today. This weekend has to have been one of the worst I've experienced for a long time. I was advised by a colleague that propanolol works and I hope to discuss this and fluoxetine with them today. I was prescribed that for about 12 years and it was ok so maybe ask if I can use it again.

    Thanks again x

  • I use eflexor it has suited me very well been on it 6 years

  • hi sophie, i tried citalapram but could not cope with it, now i am on eflexor and pregabalin, these keep me balanced and calm . ask your G.P about these , maybe they might help...

  • thanks for that. I don't know much about medication. I went to visit the doctor the other day and he's asked me to phone him next week. I'm going to discuss other meds with him then.

  • Hi Sophie don't feel rushed into making a decision. Take a friend or family member with you for support, ask about side affects and what the meds are for.

  • I would say that what drug that you take may be influenced by so many different factors that you need to take the advise of someone is medically qualified. But don't be afraid to tell them if something isn't working, you know your body

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