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Restless today

Really feel like having a trip into town...but part of me is not motivated enough to jump in the car get to the station and onto the train...

I'm battling with the feelings of wanting to do it but not wanting to do it....if I could be transported there then I think I may go, I think it's the hassle of the journey and going alone puts me off, I'm not afraid of it as such, just not motivated enough!

I've got until around 2pm to decide , after that it would be a bit too late...

So what's it to be trip to town or tv and a movie...the battle commences haha

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Hiya I've battled each time I've had to go into town(my therapy appointments are in the town centre). I think you should grab your coat and bag and go right now... I always feel pleased with myself when I've achieved it. Just stay in town for an hour xx I will log on later to see what you decided big hugs you can do this love eve x



What I do sometimes, is just get in the car and drive in the general direction, if I dont get there thats ok to, but I have exercised my mind muscles, and that helps. Its also good for your health too.

you can watch the film later :-) go get 'em, you know you will feel better if you give it a try

Wishing you well




I think should do it...... dont think, just do it..... You will feel miles better, and its a lovely day.....

Im going out tonight on a birthday night with the girls, but feeling anxious and thinking oh no Im gona feel horrible...... but Im gona make myself go.....

Watch your film when you get back......

:-) xx


Thanks guys I've had my shower, and think I'm going...and looking forward to it, going to have a coffee there and a look around its nice looks onto a river so it's a nice place to be..

Anne try not to worry about tonight think of it as a little chat and leave when you want, I always have my exit strategy ready, just in case I've had enough, so I don't feel as bad will be fine..let me know how it goes..

I'm just off to get dressed and go xxxx


Brilliant ..... we can swap notes later............

Its a shame youre not nearer..... we could have had a coffee.............. Go girlie



Thanks all of you, I went out, and had a coffee in town, felt lonely at times but it was also very nice, shame it's raining here but pleased I did it!!!

At least I'm not sitting here now thinking maybe I should have gone :)



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