So my detachment and derealization have definitely gotten worse these past couple days. I tried driving today and i wasjust so detached from my surroundings i couldnt leave my subdivision. Hopefully it improves tomorrow since i have work. Anyone ever recover from this? My detachment and derealization became worse after a bad weed trip. And i just need some advice. I want to start living life fully but this makes it so hard for me. I was anxious before but without the derealization. I think the bad trip from smoking made it a lot worse for sure.


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  • So interesting you wrote this. Yesterday I was driving my kids to a bday party and I was in such a strong state of dp/dr I thought I might not be able to react to any potential hazards on the road, I felt like I couldn't see anything in focus. But the good news is on the way back I felt great and really clear, it had lifted while I was at the party and not thinking about anything I was just in the moment talking to all the other mums. It's just anxiety and we need to try to remember that in the moment I know it's hard though 😩

  • Yes I have it constantly and have for years it makes me feel really off balance and drunk and spaced out anyone else ?

  • Zobro I know exactly howyou feel. I chose to quit driving because of it.

  • Do you feel weird when you walk. I feel like everything looks different in my house like strange can’t explain

  • Yes! I feel like its worse when I'm thinking about it or concentrating on it. For me it's like derealization.

  • Exactly the same

  • Yes it gives me such bad panic. Like ill start thinking too much into it and ill start having like strange existential thoughts and then im finding myself pulling over bc of the panic. Its not fun. Its defintly worse at night

  • Yes

  • Can you please explain the symptoms of this ?

  • I just always feel like my surroundings arent real, but dreamlike. And life just seems very dreamlike to me. I have a lot of existential thoughts that throw me into a panic

  • I feel the same way with my derealization. It sucks. Glad I'm not the only one though

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