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I'm not used to sharing this issue... (anxiety/GAD)

After literally just joining this forum and having read a few posts already - I do feel that my problems are comparatively small ones - for most of the time.

But I would welcome advice, tips and shared experience from other anxiety/GAD sufferers on how to get out of 'the moment' when anxiety strikes.

My anxiety always relates to what others think of me or what others think of my partner. I can be very happy and going about my business but when I have a worry, or a paranoia about someone having any issues with me or my partner - it stops me dead, I have a physical reaction (tight stomach, faster heartbeat, sweats) which 100% distracts me from whatever I am doing - whether that be work or social - I literally lose concentration.

Whilst 'in the moment' I follow through on those worries by saying things that I should really take a step back from (ie seeking assurance, accusations) and have even walked out of work before where it all gets too much.

In the moment I look in to things that may not be there, imagine the worst case scenarios and despite her support, make my partner upset in the meantime.

My family are aware and are very tolerant and when I am calm, I can see that there is not a thing to worry about. But why doesn't that feeling of calm and rationality last?

An episode can last anything from 5 mins to a matter of hours. I find it easier to distract myself the longer it goes on.

It is a severe reaction to something which most would find so trivial - but I just don't know how to get out of that moment when I am in it.

Over to you, with thanks....

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Hi there and welcome,

My anxiety is mainly related to having to talk to people and leaving my safe place which at the moment is my bedroom. I stay here untill my partner comes home from work. If I do have to leave the house which is only to go to GP or councillor, the panic builds up days before and just gets worse.

When a full on panic attack strikes, I find the coldest room in the house, sit down and try to control my breathing all the time saying out loud, you will be ok, this will pass, usuall rocking back and forth lol :-)

I too always jump to worst case scenarios, when the worst can only be I will die, and that's not going to happen. Well not through this anyway lol my fears are irrational, I know but they come and smack me in the face non the less. I've just started councilling, yesterday was first proper session. So I'll see how I go, I was a total wreck when I got there but I got there and sat through 50 mins of him talking and my mind wandering lol

It's hard to dance with the devil on your back, and this anxiety is a devil for sure.

Best wishes, keep posting on here, we are very supportive, good people who share the same feelings. Xxxxxxx Cookie


Hi EternalOptimist

We get out of the moment of thought anxiety, etc by not fighting it.

This takes some practice, changes of attitude, and understanding the problem, understanding others too, as this seems to be bringing on the anxiety.

Some work to be done, but if your fed up with feeling this way, you CAN change.

A quote I like;

" What other people think of me is none of my business "

Best of luck




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