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My issue with anxiety


I'm trying I really am to take the advice of so many that has given to me on here because it genuinely is good advice and I believe it. But what my issue is about anxiety and why I believe it's so much harder to get pass or move forward or learn to cope with is because why does it seem like each day or every week it's always or seems to be something new as a symptom. Maybe if the same thing happened as a symptom the whole time since this all started then I probably could accept it easier or even say, "well I know what this is." Kinda like if someone has a fever. A fever brings on the same exact symptom every single time. Your temperature is high and you may have chills maybe not but atleast one knows if they have a fever, they know how to handle it, they know certain things to do to get past it. But oh no. Not with anxiety. I've gone from one week dealing with feeling detached, muscle aches, lightheadedNess and then another week sharp stab like headaches, dull headaches, sharp pains in the chest, the next week dizziness constantly and stomach issues, next week nausea dull headaches, numbness, tingly in certain places. I mean the list goes on. Brain feels strained, brain feels like it's draining blood or something, etc., blurry vision. So it's like how can I just say, well I know it's anxiety when it's so wide spread of symptoms. How can I ever get comfortable with it when I get hit with something different that keeps me worried. Anybody else know what I mean?

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I constantly have new symptoms. Currently my head feels heavy and feels like it's going to explode.

Yep I am dealing with that too

I do know what you mean and I'll try to explain it the way I understand it. You have a problem that you are not dealing with, you may not even know what it is. So your body reacts to the stress of this by causing symptoms and those symptoms can always be the same or they can change. The symptoms won't hurt you, but they probably won't go away unless you deal with the problem, and the way to do that is through counseling . You need a behavioral psychologist, not a psychiatrist. My problem was low self esteem and a lack of confidence that was almost crippling . I'm a tiger now , almost. Good luck, Pam

Thanks for responding. Ahhh ok. I do get what you mean. So even the fact that I had a behavioral therapist at one time, which I don't think was a big help either. Would you say that's not the same as what you you are saying as a behavioral psychiatrist? So they would be two different forms of help? And also I trying to do this without going back to meds. Did your symptoms change up or did you pretty much have the same symptoms the whole time?

I'm not sure about the therapist, I saw a behavioral psychologist . A psychiatrist takes years. The BP took about a year and a half once a week. I took valium for a few months to settle down then nothing. My symptoms changed, as soon as I conquered one another would pop up. Kind of like Whack A Mole . You have to learn to go through the fear and you find out nothing happens except you're shaky .

Yes I definitely have had this. One minute I learn to get over some symptoms then new ones pop up. So I don't know if a behavioral therapist and a behavioral psychiatrist are the same. Don't sound the same. But I'm basically on a day by day hope kinds life dealing with it. And every week I get disappointed when something new pops up that I have to get used to.

therapists can mean a lower degree, marriage counselor, etc. psychologist is a more intense study. You should google it.

Ok and I will. Thank you so much

You are welcome.

I no what you going through its the same with me and nothing help everyday it's a different symptom I thought about this is my last day of earth everyday to how it's bad.

A kerp thinking this is ma last day on earth to my symptoms is a think an going to die any min off day scary and hard

Hi. Me again 😘

You hit the nail on the head in your post. Put ALL all the symptoms you are experiencing down as anxiety and move on. I know it feels crap and feels impossible to do (note - anxiety at work here too) but this is the way to recover and not impossible. Don't be impressed by a new symptom, it is just anxiety. Otherwise you keep yourself stuck in the fear-adrenalin-fear cycle.

Treat anxiety in exactly the same way you treat a fever. Having a fever makes you feel lousy but you don't dwell on the symptoms, worry about them, try to make them go away or control how you feel. You just accept this is how you are going to feel for a little while and move on with your day doing what you can, such as looking after the family, shopping etc or resting 👍👍. In the main, you probably soldier on while your body fixes itself behind the scenes. The fever eventually goes away without you having to do very much. If you treat anxiety in exactly the same way, it will go away too. At the moment, you are just getting in the way of the body's natural healing process by constantly worrying, looking out for new symptoms. As soon as you give up this fight, your mind and body will start to recover.

Recovery is not about not feeling anxiety, it is about not caring if you have anxiety or not. Anxiety is a natural bodily reaction and only a problem because we have developed a fear of the symptoms. Non sufferers feel anxious about situations but stay focussed on the subject, such as an exam. Those with anxiety are more concerned about the feelings caused by having to take the exam. How silly does that sound? They are harmless so don't give them any respect because they won't be there when you recover.

I've been quiet the past few days because I shattered my wrist last Friday and had a plate and pins inserted. I have felt every emotion going these last few days and very similar to the feelings of anxiety. Had this happened a couple of years ago, I would be in a massive setback, however, the big difference is that I don't fear the symptoms any more (stress, adrenalin constantly flooding my body, heart about to explode out my chest...and sore wrist) because it is normal, completely and utterly normal under the circumstances. The funny thing is, your average daredevil or thrill seeker would pay good money to experience the very same feelings we experience!

Finally, acceptance is a gradual process so stop beating yourself up, especially if it's early days. Took me months before it started clicking into place, not knowing if I was on the right track. I just persevered with it because that is what everyone was telling me to do. It doesn't matter if you aren't on the right track because sooner or later, you will be so it doesn't matter! just keep practising and you will get there!


I know exactly what you mean! It's so tiring. And for me it's almost like hoping someone will find something and quit saying "I think it's just anxiety" so aleast if they find something you can fix it

It feels like anxiety is so hard to get rid of....especially all the physical symptoms

Beevee in reply to Hidden

That's the thing with anxiety. You don't try and fix it because there is nothing to fix. It is all the "trying" that keeps it going. You literally have to do nothing about it. Let it run riot, give up trying to control it. You won't come to any harm and it will give your mind and body the space it needs to recover. It will sort itself out. You don't need to do anything apart from being a spectator to it all while carrying on with your life.

You see right beevee. I wish could just snap my fingers and be to a point where I can literally say, "I know it's just anxiety. So come on and get it over with so I can be on my way." But I'm trying. I know patience is key and time will tell. Thanks for always reassuring us 😊

No problem. I'm probably being a little picky but want to keep pushing the message home until everyone understands. It is not even a case of "come on anxiety and get it over with" because that also implies you are still afraid of the symptoms and not the right attitude. Resign yourself to the feelings and welcome it in with open arms and let it stay for as long as it wants to be there. Then get on with your day. Take it with you like you would take a kicking and screaming naughty son or daughter to the shops. Rise above the feelings. They are harmless. ❤️

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