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An adventure

I've been finished work a month and in that time been fighting very hard with my anxiety/depression, I have been out on the very odd occasion, 3 times for my CBT, a couple ofttimes to the shops and once for a walk, I have slept such a lot, it all feels real strange, today I had a thought firstly that I wanted a holiday somewhere in the sun and then I was thinking I really need an adventure, I think I'm obviously bored off my head, but I do kinda enjoy being in my bedroom sleeping,being on the Internet and watching TV. I feel I'm battling with my mind today about doing something or not.

I guess the problem is that if I decided on the adventure I don't have anyone to have the adventure with. Prior to this bout of anxiety, mostly brought on because of a stressful job, I loved adventures.

When I say adventure I mean something like getting in the car and going off somewhere nice, I want to do it but not alone.

I have not had the adventurous feeling for quite some time now, what a shame I can't do something about it. I'm hoping this feeling stays with me as although frustrating as I'm not getting there it feels kinda good :)


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Have you tried going to excercise classes. I love zumba the more you do the more energy you have the better you feel and actually you sleep 100x better too. But not only that excercise classes are full of people just like you and me, they too aint happy with certain aspects of their lives. They for one reason or another dont like the way they look and feel. Most of them are lonely very rarely will you find a fitness freak at a excercise class, everyone there just wants to feel better about themselves and meet new people. It really is a great way to make new like minded friends x

Hope you get your adventure soon xxx


Have you not got a friend you could visit up north??? That way you are jumping in your car and headaing off for an adventure but you will see a friend at the end of it!! Perfect??



Hi there,

Proberbly absolutely no help at all but when I want an adventure I go to Mario Galaxy on the wii lol. I'm going to the hospital tomorrow to visit OH dad who is dying, it's the furthest away from my house I'll have been in months. I'm scared stiff but it will be an adventure of sorts xxx best wishes to you x


Thank you so much for all your comments, I was thinking of the friend visit up north Anne it would feel perfect to do that right now, seems to be a bad weekend for my friends though, 2 of them are man city supporters and coming this way with their partners to Wembley this weekend. I will certainly think of doing that soon though if I keep feeling like this...

Sue xx


:-) I'd get it planned and booked in with them if I was you.... something to look forward to!!

Ker xx


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