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My sleep is having an affair!!!!

Ok, that was a joke but thats how it feels..I have been having trouble with my sleep for a while now and it's gone full circle again. It starts with dreams, then nightmares, to night terror's(they are the worst)and then back to waking up after about 3hrs sleep...I am on sleeping tablets but i do think my brain just wont shut down. Its like a film reel but in high speed most of the times and when i try to focus on 1 thing i start to hear voices. At 1st it was like a radio that wasn't tuned in properly and i was straining to hear what was said and now it's like two people chatting a male and a female and still i can't make out what they are saying.I also get the feeling of some one looking over my shoulder and at times i jump because i can feel them. So much going on and i would just wish it would slow down and at least let me hear what is being said as i am getting very frustrated with it and snappy also, tho i do try not to be...Has anyone else had these terrors?? I did tell my doctor about them but she didn't reply, just kinda shrugged it off...

They are very vivid and very dark

My ex used to have to wake me from my sleep because i would be crying and mostly shouting...

I do think lack of sleep isn't helping with my depression also..

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Hi there, I'm also having trouble sleeping, keep waking up then can't get back to sleep , sorry your having such scary dreams , now I know a bit about the hearing voices as my daughters experienced this think it can be symptom of sleep deprivation and depression shes also had visionary hallucinations seeing someone in her room at night or something following her shes on anti depressants and anti psychotics which have helped a lot with these symptoms :)

I think that's really terrible of your doctor to just ignore what you said symptoms of psychosis should be taken seriously , there is treatment for it , think you should ask to see another doctor or the mind websites good for information, hope you get some help soon x

Mimii xx


Hi Mimii

I am on medication for both a this time but my dreams have been getting so bad that i was having trouble wondering if i was sleeping or awake and yes i am very angry that they seem to skip over that fact. My therapist was telling me about the hallucinations part and told me to request an appointment with the doctor to sort it out. Well I did that very day and would you believe it 19 days before i could get one. In fact i am still waiting as my appointment isn't till 5 november...

I do hope your daughter is doing well and you seem to be a very caring mother and thats is very rare in most cases with people who have anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Thank you for you lovely words

Your daughter is so lucky to have such a great mother

Butterflykiss x


Hi Butterfly. I got the impression that you are in fact dealing with those horrible symptoms because you described them so well and have posted here - well done. Yes you need to impress upon your GP that the dreams are disturbing you and you are not actually sleeping properly. There is a host of medications that could be prescribed and might help. It might be that you have been so anxious for a while and that that is affecting your thoughts when initially sleeping. When I did a CBT session I was told to use your bedroom only for sleep. Also make sure it is airy and dark. Also you can do some winding down before you actually go to bed, such as having a bath or shower, or even some meditation. I often find that helps the quality of any sleep. Good luck. Keep posting.


Hi formidable

Thank you for some great advice. Yes people seem to think i am dealing with things because of the way i can put things down on paper or type things out but I live in a bungalow with 3 men(youngest 17-29) and have 3 bedrooms. 1 of the rooms is for my son who has Downs Syndrome and also had a tracheostomy(has had it from 1998) and needs a room of his own. You see my bedroom is my only free room and I live in my bedroom to get away from everything. Its like my safe room that I can lock my door so that i can be on my own. Yes this sounds bad but my room is my world. Everything i need is right here and yes i hate going outside. I get anxious, paranoid, my nerves go. I turn into a bubbling wreck. I have always had night mares but these terrors are really getting to me. They are frighting and very unpleasant. There is 1 thing that i have noticed in my terrors, the face is always blank and thats part of why it is getting to me so much and of course the nature of the dreams are very vivid and disgusting also..

thank you for answering and this is such a fantastic place to come to as there is no one who puts you down and to me that means so much..

Butterflykiss x


See my post about sleeping difficulties in Sleeplessinseattle's thread about insomnia...

Maybe your doc can try a different medication to help with the disturbed sleep patterns - low dose amitriptyline was very helpful to me and once my sleep was back on track it was very easy to wean myself off it over a month or so.


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