No sleep

Well I've been up all night no sleep. Turned my phone off because I kept getting calls off a private number so I'm worried its something to do with my son he's probably drunk somewhere so now I don't want to turn it on I don't want to speak to him he's caused all this. I'm dreading going to the house today still hate it my sister in law only lives round the corner from me though


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  • Or I'm worried its the police,and he's done something bad. Grrr wish I could turn back time

  • Hi scoobyd sorry to hear youve not had any sleep, not surprising though with everything your coping with right now , is it possible for you to get some rest today you must be shattered. It might be an idea to change your number and only give it to ppl you trust, if those calls were important they would have left message but think you need a phone that your not worried about switching on , hope thing start to get better for you soon x

    Mimii xx

  • Thanks it was the police looking for him he's text me he said he's handing himself in today

  • Hi scoobyd

    I am not surprised you didn't get any sleep either , you have been through such a lot

    I do hope you son does the right thing today , not only for himself but for you as well

    Give the house a chance , I no you don't like it , but like people have said , see it as cosey & its surprising the more room we have the more we keep that we don't need sometimes , so maybe this is a time to have a good sort out as well !

    I live in a small house & I am so used to it now , I wouldn't like a big house ,you will get used to it if you give it a chance :-)




  • I have ocd and my stuff is all over no where to put it doesn't help he said he was handing himself in last night he didn't so will have to see

  • I have OCD as well , so I no what its like

    I like everything organized & I like to know everything has been cleaned by me & I would struggle seeing things in boxes

    I have moved house a few times over the years & its never easy

    I try & put the boxes as neat as I can , then the first thing I do is give everything a good clean , as soon as I do that , it starts to feel more like my home & slowly I then start sorting out the boxes

    I no its not easy with OCD but you can do this

    I no it must be hard not worry about your son , but at this stage now , if anyone including him were passing messages on to me about what he is doing or not doing , I would be having to say to them , I don't want to no , contact me once he has done the right thing !!!

    See if you can just sort or clean something in your new house today , once you start it will slowly become to feel like your home , it takes a while but you can do this :-)


  • He's just phoned me he's with his dad handing himself in. So he's done the right thing even though I'm angry with him he's still my son. Just been to the new house but I can't stay there I still hate it

  • Well that's good news he is handing himself in

    Of course you love him , you never stop loving your kids no matter what & you will feel angry that's normal after what he has put you through

    Well done for going to the house & having a look , ok you still hate it , but keep going & eventually I think you will start looking at it differently


  • I try its just the no space that bothers me I'm claustrophobic as it is. I will keep going because I can't go back to my area because he owes too many people money. Thanks x

  • I dont like small spaces , but I have a little house & I feel a lot more secure in it once I got used to it , i no you will to eventually

    And they are a lot easier to keep clean which when you have OCD is a bonus :-/

    Well done for trying we no how hard this is for you , but I have every faith you will do it :-)


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