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Yesterday, I had a bad day. My day started by going to a beauty parlour that I have never been before, because I won a raffle prize and I got a gift voucher. I decided to use it up. Anyway, I went along and I filled in their questionnaires. One question said do you have any skin disorders or infections? - I ticked no. I went to get undressed and be ready to be massaged. The woman in question was a bit concerned about my spots on my back. I told they were NOT infectious, just wounds that have not healed up well. She did not go near the area and only massaged for 40 mins. When I came to leave, the woman kept asking me if I had a skin infection, but I said no because its ecezma. Nothing more was said until I got an text message from the woman in question wanting to know more about my skin condition. This went on for an hour last night.. and by the time I have dealt with the situation, I felt really sick, shaky and very anxious! She thinks I am going to ruined her business as she did not want to pass anything on to her clients. I went to the gp last week to discuss my problem and the gp gave me some cream to use and told me it was not infectious. Today, I am all over the place as I did not sleep very well. so far, I have not heard anything more from this woman. I hope it stays this way. It will take me a day or two to get back to how I was. LizM40

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Hi, Please don't worry. Your GP said your skin condition is not infectious. It was very unprofessional of that woman to send you a text!!! If shes properly trained she should know about different skin problems. You know you're not infectious, remember you never have to go back there!



I wouldnt worry hun.... Im a beauty therapist and if she was that concerned (and it will have been as much for your comfort as massage can spread things around) If she was that concerned she would not have done it in the first place, so dont take it personal.....

I think she has acted very unprofessional and thats her problem, not yours!! dont Worry

Luv Ker x


That really is unprofessional. If she does ring you put the phone down. You have been to the doctors there is nothing to worry about. Is this woman a doctor aswell. I think not. Do not let her get you like this. Maybe she has got the hint and that will be the last you hear. Lets hope so. x


No try not to worry I think she was very out of order

I wouldn't go back , only if I was passing to shove the cream in her face , sorry but what a beep beep she was

Sorry you had to have that experience , when it should have been a nice one for you




No, Liz, your skin condition will not affect her business ~ the complain you make about her treatment of you might!!!! Let's face it you'll hardly be recommending her to your friends!!!!

I'm sorry you have had such an upsetting experience. It really shouldn't have been like that. You have done nothing wrong and are certainly not responsible for her irrational behaviour.

Please do not give it anymore thought.

Best Wishes


Poor you please do not worry about some jobs worth she should have made no comment. As you had already been to the Doctors and clarified it was not infectious.

Hope i never win a raffle prize if this is the welcome you get.

Know it was intimidating for you with the questions and phone calls but totally ignore someone who has no customer relations skills.

Big hugs

Love Seyi xxx

I'm sad to hear that what was meant to be a very relaxing experience has turned into an anxious one. She sounds like a very rude and ignorant lady, and she will be going out of business soon if this is how she treats her customers!!


JB xx

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