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Should I visit work today?

Hi all, today I have a counselling session and have to walk past where I work to get to it. I know I need to pop in to visit at some point before I go back to work but I get in such a panic, perhaps I should see how I feel on my way to the session. It sounds really silly when I read this back to myself! I am trying to have panic free days and I know its only me putting pressure on myself.

Hope you all have a good day!

Thanks for all your helpful comments X

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Hi eta Im off work too and have to go in soon. I would say dont over think or plan it. See how you feel and if you can't just walk past. Don't put pressure on yourself as a counselling session is draining on its own love eve x


Thanks Eve, yes I know, that's what I did a few weeks ago didn't plan it just went in! Then I worry because they all say how well I look, they don't know what is going on inside!

Will just have to see what this afternoon brings X


That's the hard thing with anxiety/depression it's what's going on inside that matters. If they say you look really well maybe say thanks I just wish I felt as good on the inside too. People who haven't experienced it have no idea and probably dont know what else to say. they mean well and think they are helping by paying you a complement. hope all goes well for you love eve x


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