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Should I follow the Xanax prescriptions?


Hi all,

I'm still not diagnose with anxiety disorder, but my symptoms are similar. Doctor prescribe me with 0.25mg of Xanax per day which is taken half by half or 0.125mg twice a day for a month while waiting for the appointment from a Psychiatrist.

Should I go ahead and take the prescription daily or should I take when necessary ? Have seen all the bad reviews about Xanax. From what is see is that the doctor is trying to minimise the symptoms that I daily have and for taking a month of Xanax might heal me completely.

Any idea if I should ? Any replies appreciated. 😀

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Take the Xanax. It helps. I was refusing to take Xanax for months and I was just suffering. I finally gave in and I wish I would have started months ago.

Thank you for your reply @HopingCat, will I be reliant on Xanax after that one month prescription ? And what's the best timing to take since am prescribe twice a day ?

I have no idea if we will be reliant on Xanax. That’s why I was refusing to take it. But I couldn’t take the anxiety anymore. I am on 0.25mg 3 times a day. I take it every 8 hours. I just wrote a post asking if I can take it sooner. But I also just remembered that I need to pick up my refill today and I can just ask the pharmacist. I think you should call your pharmacist and ask too.

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I have tried taking it once and it really helps. But by taking daily and to a month I really have no idea. Maybe I should consider taking when necessary.

When you are crippled with anxiety, Xanax is a life saver. You cannot just stop it , but you can taper off with doctors help. It restored my normal life and I am still on it after 20 years, .25 mg. 3 times a day, sometimes I miss a dose. But if I don't take it I get a tight feeling in my chest. My feeling, as well as my doctors, is that being my age if I am addicted so what, I have a great quality of life and I do not abuse it.

Yep you're right, most importantly is quality of life. It's a blessing that we all can live normally and happily :)

I've been prescribed xanax .25 for years and years for anxiety. Always had them on me but never took them. 4 years ago I got the physical symptoms of anxiety. Went to all kinds of dr's all diagnosed anxiety. Kept getting xanax prescriptions, filling them, but never taking them. Some with directions "as needed" some with "3x day" FINALLY this year, I started taking them. I have a stock pile to last the rest of my life! lol (thank god). I cut the 1 pill, .025 mg into 8 pieces (don't want to get addicted) and I take 1 of the pieces whenever I feel I need it. It works and that seems to be all I need. If I don't feel much better after a couple of hours of that, I just take another piece. I also take Meclizine 25mg for the dizziness and wobblyness I feel (over the counter meds). Take the xanax it is a lifesaver! As I figure out how much of the pieces of the xanax I take daily, it only adds up to an average of 1/2 of the .025 mg pill a day. IF I take them. Some days I don't take them at all. You will be greatfull you took them because THEY REALLY DO HELP! As for addiction, I don't see how I can get addicted on just 1/8 of .025 when needed and I don't abuse them at all. You have to be mindful not to abuse them. Don't rely on them, just take them when absolutely needed. Takes the edge off in about an hour, lasts for as long as you can keep yourself calm. Great pill.

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Haha nice. But cutting them into half is already a challenge. How did you make it 8 ? Won't it be all crushed and became powder form ?

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Hi Caseyjunio, been there. Using a one sided razor blade works pretty good in getting those fine edge cuts. As p57rosie said when it turns into powder, wet your finger to pick up the powder and place it on your tongue and drink some water. There is always a way around taking small doses. My tablets were 0.25mg as well. Good Luck

they have a line in them. just cut along that line. you now have 1/2. then cut the 1/2 into 4's. yes sometimes i don't get it quite right and it turns into powder, but, then i just swallow the powder. Some people dissolve their aspirin on a spoon before taking it, and there are BC powders for headaches, and other powder meds that people take. But I've gotten pretty good at cutting the pill into 8's. Sounds crazy I know but I don't want to have to rely on the xanax so I take as little as possible. Believe me, the 1/8 works for me. If not, I just take another 1/8. (That's only a 1/4 pill) You might laugh but the dr's prescribed me the .05mg and the 1mg but I refused them and asked for the .25mg. The .05mg and the 1mg I couldn't cut up small enough. The 1/8th of a .025mg is what works for me. buy some tic tac mints and practice on them lol

.25 is a very very small dose im prescribed 8mg a day for my anexity/panic/ptsd and it sure does help but very addictive all i can say is it was a life saver for me. Have faith and let the meds do the work! God bless!!

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