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Will i ever be free from anxiety


I have suffered from anxiety for five years after a stay in hospital. At first i didnt know what it was and was experiencing alll sorts of physical symptoms, panic attacks and was unable to leave the house. I was convinced i had a serious disease and was often at my gp looking for answers. I have been taking citalapram since and was sent for cbt which helped. I have followed the linden method which also helped. My question for you all is i now work look after my family and nobody is aware that every day is still a constant struggle with anxiety and panic attacks to the point that i find myself wishing the day away so i can go to bed and get another day over. I just want to get back to my old self who enjoys life. Any advice?

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Gosh this sounds just like me though i have never been in hospital apart from to emergency trips because of panic attacks, sounds like you are trying hard to deal with it all but anxiety and depression is an invisible illness no one can see it so we suffer in silence. I am having CBT and it helps but i have had a relapse and am in a state of constant anxiety and your description of wanting to go to bed and hope the next day is better is how lots of anxiety sufferers feel, have you got someone to talk to i find sharing how you feel can help but if you dont improve i would talk to your gp or counsellor as i am doing x i hope you feel better soon x

There is no quick fix, i have had them over 30yrs and to date still get them badly but not a lot, they come on for no reason and when i least would expect one. I do the breathing exercises every day, 3 times daily and slowly and the other time i have i walk, read, do puzzles, clean clean and clean again, oh and change my flat around, gosh nothing ever gets chance for dust to settle lol Like i said there is no easy way out, we learn to deal and cope with these horrible symptoms. Good luck X

I know exacly what you mean iv been threw the same i hardly go out coz i think some one is going to kill me lol silly i know i cant watch the news .what i do is tell my self to stop being silly and do something i enjoy or cuddle my son witch i find helps .good luck

Thanks for your answers. I dont really talk to anyone about my anxiety anymore they all think i am better and thats it over with. All my family have been so good to me and have their own problems that i do not want to burden them with mine. My gp who i havent seen for a year has pretty much said i need to get better myself and only i can make myself better. I am trying very hard to do this myself but it is exhausting me. I do deep relaxation and breathing techniques daily and try to keep myself busy and if i have a panic attack i just carry on doing what i was doing. First time i have posted here and it really helps to know i am not alone trying to cope with anxiety so thank you all.

That's what everyone is here for. It is hard and as i said it is down to ourselves. It will subside, not over night but it will just keep up the deep breathing, keep yourself busy and when your lonely or down just pop on here and someone will reply or chat with you. Take good care and good luck with everything.

You are not alone at all, it is such a struggle to act " normal" for everyone else's benefit. The deep breathing does help eventually, it calms you but I can empathize with you completely .x

I don't believe anyone will ever be free from anxiety as you hear a lot say but you will learn to get it under control and live and love your life again. This is all we have to believe in. In 33yrs of suffering as i have i can honestly say i have never got rid of them as anxiety is with everyone but i have learnt to staberlise myself and control the panic. I do hope everyone who suffers this awful anxiety can do the same. Good luck everyone. x


Hi Hun

I don t know if we will be free forever but I know that we can be better just if we want to..and that s the struggle..lol !! i know how u feel ..finding the strength it s really hard work but every single improvement it s a blessing!keep up and I will do the same and hopefully one day we will be free xxx

feeling really bad today,nausea,lightheaded,depressed ,tight ball in my stomach,dont want to talk or do anything,does anyone know if there is any natural thing I can take,I'm taking xanax 0.5mg but today their not helping.I can.t tolerate antidepressants need something asap or my head will explode with anxiety.....

Si0608 in reply to miarose

Hi miarose. Know you posted this 4 days ago, but I have only just got on here today. I just wanted to check you are ok, and say that if you ever need a chat please get in touch. I don't know much about natural alternatives sorry, I am on 20mg citalapram. I kinda guess that as you probably know distraction techniques can help. Mine include concentrating solely on televison/music, trying to find people to talk to either in person or online and I chew gum as the rhythm of chewing calms me. Take care, big hugs and much love, Simon.

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