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Glad it isn't just me!!


Came across the site today. I have suffered from anxiety, panic disorder and depression for as long as I can remember. For the last few years I have held it at bay with medication and varying therapeutic input but I experienced a blip about 6 weeks ago. I work fulltime, stressful job and I found myself getting increasingly anxious, not sleeping, dizzy, panicking. Then the health anxiety kicked in and I imagined I had every disease known to man. By the time I got to my GP I could barely string two words together and couldnt stop crying. He signed me off for 3 weeks. I haven't told my family as they really dont understand it at all and think I should pull myself together and get on with it.

Anyway, feel ready to go to work now, still anxious but manageable. I have come across a book about mindfulness and have been trying that but to be honest I cant quite settle to do the meditation parts.

Anyway, I feel reassured to realise that I'm not the only person who feels like this.


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Your not alone........most of us suffer too with anxiety panic depression, and health anxiety too.

I like mindfullness, have you tried it whilst walking, sometimes we are so agitated, that just sitting is the last thing we want to do.

Wishing you well



Hi & welcome , no you are not on your own

Health anxiety , well I am a walking miracle if I had all the things my head has said I have had over the years :-D

Hope you have a good day




Ive been signed off too. I go back to a part time job in a weeks time that i can manage but my other part time job i cant face, I cant get a sick note obviously and the job is strssing me out so do I leave

I hope your second job can be more supportive. Employers shouldnt discriminate against people because of mental health issues but a lot of people dont understand this. I hope you can get some help in supporting you to do the job but when youbare ready.. ;-)

serenity1 in reply to serenity1

should say "when you are ready " oops....

it is so reassurring to know there are other people going through this to. If I mention it to friends or family they ask what is it I are worried about.. Cant bring myself to tell them all the various things I am worried about from cancer to heart disease , even though I have been told I dont have any of them. But also its things like getting the house work done and remebering to pay bills.. Just wish I could channel all this nervous energy more productively.

Will try a walk , always enjoy the outdoors.

As for work, its so tricky to manage, hope things work out.

Thanks for the support..



Health anxiety - don't start me off on it!

All I need is a TV theme on Eastenders with a character suffering from MS/cancer/diabetes/ingrowing toenail and I'm off on one!

You're not alone.

Hidden in reply to Bramwell

Excellent Bramwell,

just roared with laughter at your reply,

sounds like me sometimes.

We should all do a tv sketch on this :-)




try depression lol Ive been looking at the housework all day


I know exactly how you feel too. I have suffered from anxiety panic attacks and depression for about 11 years now. The state you have described you were in when you got to your doctors was exactly the same as me in Jan 2012. I was off work for 4 months completely debilitiated by anxiety, and like you i work in a high pressured job so i couldnt afford to go back until i had recovered. You sound like you're managing to 'get a grip' a little quicker than i did, so keep strong and LISTEN TO YOUR MIND. If you're not ready don't go back! I am experiencing a blip at the moment and my panic attacks have come back with a vengeance, its the worst feeling as everywhere i go i have this fear i am going to faint! Are you on medication?

Michelle xx

serenity1 in reply to Hidden

Hi Michelle, I know what you mean about the panic attacks. I had complete breakdown about 12 years ago.. It coincided with a holiday in Italy. I didnt realise I was having panic attacks and thats what the fear of fainting , dizziness and numbness in my left arm was. I thought it was MS and my GP at the time took one look at me and said it was anxiety and recommend a book called self help for your nerves. I was off work for 4 months then. This time, I wasnt as bad but was advised to go off sick to prevent it getting as bad. Have been off 3 weeks now and will be going back on reduced hours. I'm lucky in that my team and manager are very supportive and I have always been very open about my mental health issues. I know not everyone else is lucky to have that support.

The one thing I have learnt over the years is what the mind is capable of in generating physical symptoms but by the same token that means I can use that for the positive.

I have read a lot about positive thinking and that helps me. I try to acknowledge and accept the feelings and sensations as part of me and know that they come and go.

Its an uphill battle though and some days are better than others.

I am on venlaflaxine at the moment. I havent increased it as it makes me very tired.

I agree , only go back when you are ready and with tbe right support in place.



Hi Serenity, I like you have all of the above. I am 50 yrs old, have had it 20 yrs & it just does'nt leave. Most times its managed by medication but the everynow & again I hit a dip which seems to get darker & harder to control my anxieties & panic. I have nothing really to worry about but its getting harder & harder to control. Last year I had to spend 3 months at my parents as I could'nt cope at home alone & spent most kf the time avoiding people by staying in bed.

I have had a the treatments available, CBT has never worked for me & I paid to go lrivately for that.

I have an appointment tomorrow with my CPN which I really feel I need. I've had a bad week with anxiety & panic attacks. I went to mu GP & got a young female Dr who looked cresh out off school who told me to take deep breaths & things would get bettsd in time! WTF?!

Anyway I just came across this part of the site yesterday too.

Take care & good luck.

Jackie xx

Hi Jackie,

Hope the appointment goes ok. Some Drs just dont get anxiety at all which in this day and age is not acceptable. I was lucky enough to find a GP who did and that has been very helpful.

Sometimes it so exhausting dealing with all these feelings that you have no option but to rest.

I am making myself go for a swim this morning even though I woke at 6 am panicking about a swelling on my arm. Its not sinster and is from an injury last year but I suddenly thought what if the Drs are wrong, what if its a weakened artery and it bursts whilst I am swimming. Then I reassured myself the lifeguard would pull me out. That led to a panic attack which I tried to let wash over me. 3 hrs later I am packing my costume to go and feel ok about it. I hold onto the knowledge that I have periods where I am more rational.

Take care of yourself..


no, you are not the only glad and proud that you reach out to reflect and ask for help.

best to you.

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