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Advice needed

Morning every1,I'm currently written off work as some of u no with anxiety and slight depression/stress!2moro I'm going back to the doctors for a review on how I am as they wanted to give me 2 weeks rest.but here's the thing anxiety dosent take a day to get over I've had it before when I was younger,I'm thinking positive and going for walks on the beach but the thought off goin back to work is terrifying me,I don't feel ready but I don't want to annoy my boss!i want to work as evey1 has to pay for bills.sometimes I think isit my job why I'm feeling like this as have found it hard the past few months,but if I leave I got no money coming in and plus with the anxiety atm I wouldn't be able to get another job atm cause of how I feel.its a vicious circle!im constantly thinking in my head about money,anxiety,work etc and I'm stressed about that.i no I will get better but the longer I'm off I think the harder il find it to go back to advice needed as feel very pathetic!x

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Hi , first where I come from , we have to go on holiday to see a beach , sounds lovely to hear you say you go for a walk on the beach

When you go to GP , just tell them how you are still feeling , the more guilt & letting your boss down you worry about , will just add to the anxiety you are feeling

If you were getting over any other kind of illness you wouldn't feel this way , we have to remember anxiety is no different , so try not to feel guilty

I cant imagine you been sacked if the GP is writing sick notes to support you

Could you just do a couple of days at work & break yourself in easy , GP can write notes to say they feel at this moment you can do so many hours ? I no people that have done this & its helped

You are not & repeat not pathetic , far from it , please don't add this thought , even though when we are down I no we can feel that way , but we are not , it takes strength to deal with this

See what your GP says , and take it from there

Let us no how you go on





Hi well I would agree with everything whywhy said. Just to add that my doc signed me off she took the decision out of my hands as I was pushing myself to continue to work. If I had gone in I would have made a mistake with the state I was in and then would have beaten myself up even more. Listen to your gp and take the time, work will be there but you will perform better if you are feeling stronger. Take the pressure off yourself, grab the note and go for those walks on the beach (no beaches where I am either oooh I wish). Love eve x


Hi Please don't worry about the stress of returning or not going to work. I am sure if you were able like us all you would be at work. I have been signed off work since Jan and i was worrying about being able to return to work. Like we all have bills and need the money.

After talking with the therapist she said to get myself well again before worrying about work as this would add to the anxiety i am experiencing.

I will hopefully be phased back into work but when i feel mentally ready and physically strong enough. I must admit i was worrying about the length of time i have been absent from work but the thought keep distressing me out to the fact i was unable to sleep.

Please take advice from your Doctor take your time and i am sure you will hopefully be back on track if the pressure is off.

Must admit i was jealous about you walking along the beach sounds lovely and this is calming.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck tiny steps at your own pace :)


Love Seyi xxx


Hi, I am feeling exactly the same, I sure your Dr will understand when you explain exactly how you are feeling and won't send you back until you feel ready. As I've been told so may times you need to start putting your self first!

Hope you have a good day x


Hello everybody,Thanku for ur replys hope u are all ok?went to the docs 2day have been written off work for 2 weeks..they were really good and I had a meeting with a councillor within an hour to asses me.went very well would recommend any1 to try it was in there 30 mins and was nice getting stuff off my mind as normally I don't like talking about me,and there looks like there is alot of things that have just piled on and that's why I'm feeling like this!so now I'm going to see a councillor once a week starting all I got to do is speak 2 my boss and see how she reacts etc.and yes the beach is nice clears my head guys! And eta55 are u off work?xxx


Hi, sorry for not replying sooner, yes I have been off work for 12 weeks now due back next week! I am worrying because I have been off so long, but I know I needed it as I've only just started to feel like me again! I have been told I've got to put myself first!

Take care x


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