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New Symptoms every day

I have a new symptom of anxiety and that is sinus pain I know it is caused by tension but I keep thinking it is something worse. I hate living with anxiety. I go to a counsellor but she cant actually take away my symptoms!!!!! I am constantly exhausted too and feel unbalanced all the time, i hate going to work cause my job is not very rewarding and when i am there all I think about is my anxiety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt really want to go back on my meds (citalopram) cause I had been good for about 18 months without them but now i think i will have too !! Anyone ever feel the same as me :(

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Sadly the only on who can actually get of the symptoms is you, this is no benefit to yo at this moment of time.

If you go through life at a gallop, and a not so happy gallop you are going to find life very unrewarding.

The best way around this when walking in a park you need to smell the flowers, I mean by this take time to be gentle with your self, take time, do not look for problems with your being

Look for positive things that appear in front of you that you may have missed the first time around. Sadly with regard to your job that becomes more of a problem, you need money too live so while there look for something you want to do, leave when that new chance appears.

Could you study at night, a subject you like things may happen that will turn around your life

All the best


i too have sinus pain i really didn't know it had anything to do with my anxiety, you'v really taught me something there.

I was on citalopram for 51/2 months and i wont be going on any meds again as the side effects were awful.

I know take a book to work which is called Hope and help for your nerves by Dr Claire Weeks which i read at lunch time and find it comforting perhaps you may benefit from her book i got it on amazon, anyway i hope you feel more yourself soon and give yourself a hug from me x


I am in the same situation I just can't get rid of my physical symptoms, so hence my HA escalates, it's catch 22


Hi holly I hope u don't mind I have messaged u xxx


)Hi Gilly2711

Yes,I have sinus trouble constantly due to anxiety.That and lightheadedness!!!

I had post nasal drip which was awful.Then it moved on to other ENT symptoms.I have asore throat (nearly always) It's terrible

I sympathise with you. xx


I am for ever getting sinus problems

Had an op 10 years ago & ever since never stopped having them , in fact just trying to get over one now

Had the post drip problem , plus stuffiness , plus sometimes little nose bleeds

I am sure when they put those tubes up your nose they did something as I have been told I have a little damaged nerve up there & didnt have before !

Drives me mad , plus my anxiety tells me all sorts , maybe anxiety is a cause , I really dont no on this one , I no it gets me down

Plus that awful soapy feeling or the feeling you get when you have had a bad cold , I get that as well , which really gets to me !

I always have a bowel of water in my bedroom & just thinking whether to buy a humidifier as I have heard they are suppose to be good for the air in the house , to help with these kinds of problems



Hello whywhy

Haven't heard you posting for a couple of days.

Don't know abou a humidifier-I have de-humidifiers in my house to help keep damp at bay.

Can't win can I!! ha ha :-) xx


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