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Today i feel empowered :-)

I just wanted to share with all my friends on here:

Today i stood up to my ever controlling husband after he decided to drive like a mad man with my children in the car. He scared my children to the point they were hysterical. Always amazes me just how passive i am til someone hurts my kids (imagine a 5' 4" female hulk hogan and that was me. Except i didnt rip my clothes off or turn green) Anyways an arguement followed and i really stood up to him. Felt great and afterwards when i thought omg i didnt end up a blubbering mess i felt really proud of myself. Told him to go be with his little gf cos she is welcom to him I DONT WANT HIM BACK lets hope he gets the hint! :-)

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Well done you.... I know how hard that is..... Im proud of you...

Keep going :-) xx


Thankyou :-) x


Well done you

Hope that's told him

I relate as well , I am very mild mannered , but anyone , even when I am full of anxiety , upsets my kids , well they are adults now , but even now & when they were younger , that is the only time I can think of when my anxiety goes out the window & I am in there

Think its a motherly instinct to protect , shows you can be strong & what a good Mum you are

Feel proud





Well done!! :)

Sue xx


Couldnt be prouder honestly and today there were whitnesses to his anticks so i have written it all down and i will use it against him if he continues trying to run my life for me :-) planning to go see a solicitor when kids are back at school :-)

Thankyou x


Hi, Well done to you, what a great feeling it is when you stand your grounds.

Eunice x


Wow well done! Its amazing how great you feel when standing up to bullies isn't it? I bet he was astounded and will think twice before he does it again!

Bev x


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