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Feel so ill

Had a really bad night last night, i was competely drenched in sweat when I woke this morning, I feel physically ill, sick, headaches muscular pains, feel tearful, my jaw aches from clenching so hard, my teeth hurt, my face, I feel hot, I feel cold.

Didnt get my phone appointment with the doc yesterday, have chased it up today, so we shall see.

I miss my ex, so much that every day it hurts to even think about him, my friend asked me for some of his stuff this morning, felt like i'd been hit in the face by a freight train, it's too soon, I cant deal.

I just want to feel normal again, so damn low it's unreal :(

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Ah Hun...Heartache is the worst pain, but you will come to terms with it and find a brighter day....take each day as it comes, dont think of the future and everything will be fine.... look after yourself and try do a little for yourself everday that makes you feel better, very hard when youre gripped with anxiety I know, but its these times when we need to do it to pull us up agian.... a nice book, or magazine, bar of chocolate..... movie....this type of this.... post on here and get all the support you can!!

Sending hugs and positive vibes :-)) xx


I agree with everything anne has said , hope you get that call as well from GP , let us no if you do & how you go on

Thinking about you





Ive just got into a row with my landlord, ESA messed up my claim in jauary, due to a clerical error, so it's taken a while for housing to pay up, finally got it thru today, less £64 which am in the rocess of trying to get bk with bank statements ect, paid the rent to landlord and all i got back was u still owe £64 ... wouldnt mind but i've been over-paying him by £2 a fortnight for nrly 2 years which he is aware of, not to mention all the work that needs doing in this house, no skirting boards, crap seals in the double glazing, no grouting done on the tiles in the kitchen, n tiles not all on, fooked front door ect, i didnt need the added pressure from him when in reality I powe him bugger all, am in tears, just had about enough of this crap :(


ah luv i thought it was me just suffering with sweats and felt really sick pacing kitchen at 2 30 i know its hard and i find it scary too but coming on here has helped knowing that we arnt the only ones have you seen your gp luv xxx


Just tried phoning my doc again, he's now in a meeting, I've been trying since thursday to get a telephone appointment with him, i've got no meds left, why is it so hard to get help?? :( :(


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