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Suffering my own panic attack:-(

Been suffering my own health anxiety issues over the last 3-4 days. Since my wedding at beginning of July I've been quite calm and ok. That is until this week. Maybe it's just because I'm moving house next week and the house we are moving to is a big project and needs a lot of work doing to it. Or the fact I've been in my current home for 14 years. Where all my issues began. All week I've been having a tight chest, feeling like i can't swallow very well, back pains, shoulder pains...not to mention my jaw pain has flared up again, even my gum shield isn't working. Left arm pain, lack of sleep, sweats....I'm sure you can all relate to these feelings.....even my left leg is hurting again...,the list of things I check now to make sure I am ok is was just checking pulse, checking lip colour and nail on my hand it's also checking the feel of my chest, arms, that I can't see too many blue veins showing....,as I type I can feel the pain in my left leg and back and I'm worried it's something it shouldn't be and mix that with stomach pain (probably as I ate a curry for dinner and it gives me stomach ache) I think the drs have missed something. If the other half wasn't due to be a awake in 4 hours for work I'd be on my way to a&e. If I can just get to drs opening I can go there :-( see we all feel like's why we are here. We all just want to know we are ok and not actually dying but unless we are told by a dr we are ok even then we don't always believe them. Results...pulse slightly quick, chest and arm temp ok not chilly to touch, lips n nails? I dunno it's dark n not moving to check, stomach pain yup, feeling sick yup ....grrrr

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Hey evey, you're going to be ok. Moving to a new place, especially after 14 years is a big stresser for anyone. Just take it one step at a time and don't put pressure on yourself. You're a newlywed; focus on that. You're at the beginning of a wonderful new life with someone who loves you. Concentrate on that.

I don't have anyone and really no family left except for a sister who I haven't spoken to in over two years since our mother died. She doesn't understand depression & anxiety. Her attitude is "get over it". Neither she nor my two nephews make any attempt to contact me. So I rely on my friends. We have to appreciate what we have and focus on that. I wish you the best in your new home.

Try to relax. You are strong. And you're not alone. :)


Hi :-) thank you for your reply. I'm sorry you have no one to turn to. I'm lucky as my mum used to have anxiety and understands my husband doesn't understand really but at least he's there which is a good thing. It's hard to focus on anything when you feel like this but as soon as I get to work smile goes on my face and have to try and forget :-) well you have a whole new understanding set of people now to turn to :-)


Oh Evey sweetie you really are having a rough time aren't you :(

I don't feel so alone now as well u know the past few days have been super rough for me and I honestly don't know what to do with myself.

Are you like me and you just let it go and go till your so exhausted you can't take it anymore then you go to the hospital just for them to tell you your ok? I'm almost at the point where I think I want to go :(



Hi pink :-) yes I just let it go and try to muddle through. If you feel you need to go then go. It is only anxiety I know but sometimes we just need to be told we are ok. It's then we have to believe. Hope you got some sleep xxx thank you for replying


Hello Evey

Another rough night and morning. Woke up feeling anxious heart started racing and of course had an attack :(

Hope u slept well


Hi pink :-) oh no sorry u had another rubbish night...feel I'm in for another myself :-( miss the days I slept well


hi suffer chonic anixrty .. my doc told other day think behaviour touble any one had this .. if tell me what mean as worried sick ... plus dealing death as well numb .....


Hi numb ...not quite sure what you mean but if you mean you suffer anxiety you are in the right place. And dealing with a death? Sorry to hear that


Thanks evry37 .. yrs in bad way death hard on me was close pto them... just my doc saif anixerty . but just said had behaviour toubles to not sure what means have ask him ... x


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