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Feeling very scared and filled with panic. I'm locked in the house and I'm safe but have an overwhelming feeling that something bad is going to happen to me being at home by myself :( I'm so scared and feel so pathetic I'm 22 and can't even spend a night alone :( God knows how I'll manage the rest of the week :( I also don't have a therapy appointment this week. I feel so anxious and lonely and like such a let down. I want to ring my mum but feel guilty and don't want to ruin their holiday by doing so :(

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Hi Jodi,  Use us as support or at least to talk about your fears.  It may help get

you through this.  By something bad happening to you, I assume you mean

health wise?   This might be the time to get involved with a good movie that

you can get into to take your mind off being scared.  Keep posting, someone

will always be here, if not, I will.  xx


I just posted a reply but it's not showing so I'm sorry if you get it twice.

I'm so afraid to go to sleep incase I don't wake up tomorrow and I'm here on my own. I have gotten in to bed with the tv and hallway light on but I am also scared as there has been a spate of burglaries in our area recently. I have a lump in my throat which I know is due to anxiety but the stupid anxiety voices are telling me it's something sinister. I feel so silly but at the same time these are all very real fears. I sleep wiTh my dogs in my room every day and they have gone on holiday in the motor home with my parents so I'm completely alone :( xx


I understand,  oh I see, it's night time there.   Good that you have the

tv and hallway light on.  The chances of being burglarized is low but

I can understand how that concerns you.   I don't doubt that these are

real fears.  Sleeping with out your dogs as security is also adding to

your fears.   Do you have a phone with you?  That should give you some security.  Block the doors with a chair under the door knob.

I remember the last time your parents went on holiday  you were okay.   I will be checking my posts so you can let me know how  you

are doing.  Maybe that will give you some security.  Getting through

the first night is the hardest.  You will be okay.   x



Thank you by the way, Agora1. It means a lot to know you are there xx


I just checked where you are at.  The difference in hours is what between

United Kingdom and U.S.  ?    I'm not going anywhere.  x


Hi Jodi:   I hope the night went well for you.   I wanted to keep letting you know that I was there for you but didn't want your phone or computer to buzz and wake you up.

But I was keeping you in my thoughts for a safe night.  Hope you are well.  x


Jodi, are you okay?   Just checking.  Let me know if there is anything

I (we) can do to support you this week on the forum.  I know you can

do it, you may just need a little help from your friends here.   x


Hey Agora1 I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch. I have been feeling really terrible and haven't been on the internet much. Feeling more confident tonight and hoping I will get some sleep at last because I'm so tired from two nights with none! 

I hope you are okay. thank you for being such a wonderful support xxx

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Hi Jodi, I'm glad you wrote.  I was worried, the "what ifs" were hounding me.  Do what you have to do to keep your anxiety down.  I'm glad you are feeling more confident tonight.  I was just like you, a basket case the first couple nights I was alone and then it seemed to get easier.  I'm hoping you get a good night's sleep.  I will be here if you need anything.  Take care  xxx


I slept from 23:00 to 04:30 last night which is pretty good for me. Starting to get used to it and have had a message from my partner who's going to be home on Friday night so only have two nights to go. You really are a super friend I hope you know that likewise I'm here if ever you need it and I'm really sorry for not getting in touch xx

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Jodi, you  just made my day.  I knew you could do it, just a matter of getting started  :)      xx


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