Bad night

I've been quite good since Thursday when a cardiologist told me my heart seems fine. I've had a few off minutes but nothing major. When driving home earlier I started to feel funny, I got home and started to feel better. Half hour ago I had a spreading burning sensation in my chest, then my arms started aching. I was just doing work on laptop and watching tv when it happened. Now I just feel awake and a bit on edge, so I'm noticing every twinge. So hard not to grab the phone and want to ring ambulance or out of hours, but I have to sit through it and say its not your heart it's anxiety! Xx


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  • Silly. Anxiety ive just had the exact same sympton. Was lieing. In bed then out the blue. I havent had anything for over a week. Thats why i clicked on here. Its good to know ur not alone. Xxx

  • Hi Maria1207 unfortunately this is anxiety doing its best on you, I know it's not easy but fighting past it is the hardest part!

    You keep up that fight as the more you do the more control you will start to have.

    Keep strong and keep fighting.

    all the best.

    Trip x

  • Definitely good to know not alone. I'm just trying to watch tv and drift off but noooo instead I have cramping pain in forearm, burning sensation in chest, and just feeling not right xx

  • I did my relax app on my phone and it was working I was getting tired and then I got a pinching pain on left side of chest and it happened a few times. It's scary and horrible :( xx

  • I argue with myself alot either out loud (wen now one is around) and in my head wen theres people around. I sort of have ago at the anxety sometimes it jelps to make me feel better xxx

  • Sounds like a good idea. I think I find it hard to accept because I don't get the dizziness etc most people get, or feeling down about things etc. I literally just get random chest pains and arm. So I find it hard to accept anxiety but I've seen a cardiologist and I suppose they know best xx

  • Dear Maria1207,

    You could always call the samaritans if you wanted to talk. They are experienced and could help you. Their number is 08457 909090.

    KIndest regards,


  • Is that 24 hours? That's really helpful thank you! X

  • Dear Maria1207,

    You are very welcome.

    I have just checked their website and it reads that their service is there 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

    Kindest regards,


  • Thank you very much xx

  • That was me a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday night having a major panic attack and after phoning NHS Direct for advice got a snooty phone call back from some doctor telling to see my GP in the morning to change my medication! Not much use when you are freaking out in the middle of the night =( I hope you manage to get your anxiety under control and as you can see you are certainly not ALONE!! Best wishes, Aden xx

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