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Super bad night

I had been doing fairly well lately, but tonight whilevi was playing a video game I just suddenly started sweating like crazy. That's never happened to me before so I jumped and realized that my heart was pounding as well. I honestly don't know what brought it on, but I'm so terrified that every time I have pains that it's a heart attack...and the one time I don't run for an er is going to be the time that it really was one.

Is it time to finally gave and try medication? I'm currently trying to not go running off for the er again...but I just can't live this way. I constantly feel on edge, im driving people around me crazy. Deep down i feel that theres some problem that doctors aren't catching. Not necessarily a life threatening problem but something. Everyone just keeps writing it off as anxiety.

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Wow lot of spelling mistakes...i apologize.


I suspect your problem is anxiety. Has your heart been checked by your doctor and cleared? If so, then I would stop there and forget about any heart problems for good. This is so very typical of anxiety. Adrenaline speeds up your heart, that's it's job. Yes, you need to try medication if it's for depression or anxiety. This will be moving forward with your life. Thank heavens!


Yes they have cleared my heart multiple times over. It's just difficult


I know it's difficult but you do notice you're driving people around you crazy, right? And that wouldn't be true if they thought you had a heart condition, would it?

Playing a video game is a sure way to get your heart and your anxiety stimulated way too much and you will get symptoms. So will watching an engaging video or movie that has a lot of action. Anything stimulating will stimulate your anxiety. Just plan for it.

As soon as you're ready it IS time for trying medication and to see how that works for you. I'm on medication and stay very steady and calm, but I can still be overstimulated by a movie that's very action-packed with no quiet scenes for balance. Especially when I'm due for meds and so there's little in my bloodstream. But I have a lot of experience in dealing with this plus I don't wander too far from safety with my actions and that helps too. I recommend you don't try to test your meds when it/they are very new because chances are they aren't going to work for you during the testing and you can just assume that.

Time is a great healer and time will strengthen you. But you have to do your part, too. Counseling is an important part of knowing yourself and your limits and knowing your disorder and how to work with it. There's a lot to learn that you probably wouldn't think of on your own. So think about a counselor, one who's always in your corner but also educating you on yourself, too. Meds and counseling are a great combo but counseling can get you to a good place where maybe you don't need meds and that's great, too!


Yeah I've called a couple of therapists today to attempt to schedule an appointment. Just waiting to hear back.


Good for you! I hope you get the one that's right for you!


Btdoffing, BonnieSue is right in that playing a video game will provoke anxiety, it's just too stimulating for our nervous system. Feeling on edge is because the adrenaline is never really gone, it is simmering waiting for the next event to cause it to come to a boil. It could be a thought, something someone said.. something you other words, being on alert all the time causes us to feel on edge. Our body doesn't get a chance to truly relax.

Medication and therapy are good options to start with but learning other modalities that you can do for yourself will help as well. I wish you the best in taking that first step forward. Continue using the forum for support and understanding. We all care.

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