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I have been suffering with increased anxiety and depression for past several weeks. I decided then to try and come off Zopliclone sleeping tablets and have tried some breathng exercises. Then it dawned on me this evening that actually I was not getting enough support and that I was still in emotional "pain". Why should I just sit in pain like this - it isn't right. It is quite obvious to me now that to try and come of Zopiclone at precisely the time when I started feeling anxious and depressed was not a good decision. So I am taking them again and already feel better. I do intend to come off them, but only when I'm in a better space than I am right now and when I'm good and ready. I have also ordered three initial counselling sessions with Anxiety UK to explore issues around what has triggered this mood. I have long standing issues around family and them not accepting my sexuality as a gay man. On top of that I have had several issues of stress at work, but fortunatley have found a good job right now supporting other people and so I hope this continues to develop and go well. I accept that everyday stress factors can make one ill if it becomes too great, but for me there are some issues which I've never really talked about in confidence with someone I might trust. It may not be the total answer, or indeed the correct therapy, but I feel like I've at least just made a positive decision and can only hope for the best.

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Hi, is the anxiety uk councelling on the net or face to face?


I read your script with interest, and I think you are absolutely right. Why make things worse by coming off the medication that helps you to sleep when you need it most. When you feel stronger, then you will find the right time.

I am in a state of anxiety also. I have just returned from the GP who has increased my medication as I was on a very low dose, and I am hoping that will help. I wish you well in your councelling. Just a cheeky question - what sort of cost and how long is a session.


Thanks for the helpful comments. You can get either face-to-face counselling or via Skype on the net from Anxiety UK - its up to you. I've opted to try the Skype way as it means no travelling to appointments. The rates are pretty good and based on income. My doctor has also booked me for CBT but it could be six months before I get a first session so I decided to help myself to some extra support this way in the meantime.


how are you doing now?



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