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Remembering support

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I try to remember my journey with anxiety when I come here. I am very close to 60 years of age and still have personality traits from my youth. I was, and am, someone who is known as a people pleaser. I was, and am, insecure and self conscious. I was, and am, highly sensitive. And particularly to what I think others may think of me. I worry alot about many things I have no control over...because that's what people with control issues do, right?

I try to remember there is a person on the other end of the message. We all have anxiety in common, but other things we have issues with may be different. Anxious people are also lonely people, scared people, friendly people, people with families and obligations, struggles, etc. Think of how many people you encounter in any given day and think of how they may be experiencing something difficult in their private life. Just like us.

I've overcome much of my disabling anxiety, which is not to suggest that I don't have tough times from time to time. I hope I can be helpful to those who are feeling very lost at this stage of their recovery.

Never give up. Ever. Never ever.

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That's Great that your Never giving up, I'm going to be 64 in about 3 week's. I've been suffering off and on for about 36 years. Finally finding the right medication for my anxiety, I'm not completely better, I have my good and bad days. I use to go days without eating. I was so miserable, people want me to JUST get over it. It's not as easy as just saying it and it going away??? I'm still in bed most of the time. Wish you the Best

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A very brave and uplifting outlook. I am 86 going on 87 and have also been like you all my life. I have found Dr. Claire Weekes's books, and especially Dr. Michael Hawkins books most helpful in my quest for peace from this problem. I don't think it will ever go away entirely because it is already firmly established when we are too young to realise that we can seek for help from various sources. But YES, keep going forward, never give in to despair (and I can safely say this, having done just that at one time in my life) You can come through it.

All the very best and Thank you for sharing.

Great message. No!!! Never ever give up and think of all you achieve rather than the set backs. Like you I tend to be over sensitive which I'm trying to own rather than putting it on others.

Hi battersea.

Thank you for sharing.

Today is a bad day for me, I’m feeling very emotional..I’m that person you describe in this post. I don’t give up, I reach out for therapy and anything else I can to help, I have done for the past 4 years...

Today it’s difficult ..I think the time of year doesn’t help...I feel alone with it all so much more some days...

I’m trying, today is soooo difficult ..

Those feelings that no one really cares..

It was good to read your post...

I thank you xx

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This is a great encouragement! I am a woman of faith and I love seeing how God has grown me and used difficult times in the past for my good. Good that maybe can't be seen in a temporary sense. How some struggles have gotten better and maybe how I've learned to live with grace towards others because of what I myself was going through. How we can keep moving forward finding hope, a future and encouraging each other with better days!

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