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Hi All, I hope this post finds you all in peace. I just wanted to share something with you all. From my previous notes, you will be aware that I've had a rough ride with various GP's since 2008, being diagnosed with depression, anxiety etc etc and thrown onto all sorts of useless meds which made my weight boom and sent me to the edge but will power helped me pull through and get off them all. Anyway to the point,I have experimented lots with St Johns Wort (SJW) over previous years and felt success to some point. Just before Xmas 2014 I felt work pressure, excess drinking and death of relative was breaking me. Although I am an advocate of relaxation and things I learnt from Combat Stress for my PTSD from the Army, (exercise/healthy living), this is not easy when you are on the bones of you bum!

Anyway I made a decision to try SJW again, the best in my opinion KIRA -LOW MOOD 450MG from boot (3 for 2) offer.They recommend 1 daily but I take 3 spread throughout day. Ive read this is high amount but not harmful. this is not cheap approx £15 pack, but to the point after a week everything seems to be so peaceful and relaxed in my mind. I feel I can see things for what they are and not worrying always. I really do believe this stuff works. It has made my mood lighter, I'm laughing more and even more enthusiastic. I've not felt this way for months. Now I'm excited about life and forthcoming Valentines day. In the situation most of us are in on this site I think we should educate ourselves and self help. I have a good GP at the moment but tend to deal with things myself now after EMDR at Combat Stress. SJW is prescription only in Germany, wonder why that is!! Maybe I'm looking too much into this but if SJW was certified to be better than the rest of the meds we get thrown at us, then the pharmaceutical balance would change...just a thought!!

TIP: Try SJW, it may work.

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I use St Johns Wort every day also. I am in the US and it is available without prescription ... I find it does help my mood. I am glad it works for you too....

Gookygal in reply to boawoman

I too use St johns wort predominantly for anxiety and pmt 😳 and it works well!! Antidepressant meds often prescribed for the above named issues have lefte with intolerable side effects but St. John is good, I don't seem to get too stressed either which is another plus. Germany is a big prescriber of St Johns wort for depression, but if you are taking other

Meds please be Careful as they can interact.

Mishkacat in reply to Gookygal

Hurray a supplement that actually works

Willing to give this ago.



Glad all is well for you. Just a note. Please be aware SJW is not compatible with some prescription meds. Warfarin is one so please check with your doctor before any natural remedies. It could have serious consequences. Take care.

I'm gonna git that a go then. Thanks for sharing.


HI, I have anxiety all the time i'm on edge..might I ask can you buy this st johns wort in the u.k. sounds good,and i would like to try it...also could you tell me what side effects to watch out for..please let me know,as I can't take a/d Miarose xx

Mishkacat in reply to miarose

Hi,yes sjw low mood can be bought in Boots stores off the shelf.if you take any other meds might be worth checking for contradictions or side effects.But i think sjw is a serious contender for any anti depressant med.

Redding in reply to miarose

Yes you can buy this from Holland and Barrett or Boots!!

Ashwagandha with warm milk and honey does actually work.

KIRALow mood is the best quality ive tried.they differ cos unregulated.still with boots 3 packs for 2.

I'm sorry but if SJW works for you then you don't really suffer from anxiety or depression. It has a mild placebo effect at best. There are two herbs that work really well. Ashwagandha and Turmeric.

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