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A happy easter :)


I think today's been a good day :) I think my meds have finally started doing something and are giving me back a quality of life that i thought i'd lost forever!! I've only been on them for just over a week so it's such a relief that they're working.

Discovering this site has been great too, I feel great knowing i can come on here anytime and vent my frustration with my own mind :)

Finally, I've had a poorly girlfriend to look after today. Which although not pleasant, gives you a sense of purpose for the day and stops the mind from wandering where you don't want it to go. More of the same tomorrow please world :)

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Great , so pleased its been a good day hun

Lucky GF having someone to look after her , hope she gets better soon

Yes you come on here whenever you want always someone to listen




Thankyouuuuu :), I'm addicted to this site now, it's like a panic room on my laptop. Whenever i start to slip a little and dwell on things that aren't rational and cause anxiety, I can come on here and see that i'm not alone.

PS the gf says thanks for the kind message x

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Thats what its here for , as long as you need it or want it & then you will help others to I am sure

Tell your OH its a pleasure & to make the most of you running after her :-D


Tara67 in reply to hodylad

Good to see someone taking positive steps:) keep up the good work ! x


I totally agree with you,this site is great,it helps me a lot and is a big part of me feeling better day after day,stick with it.

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