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happy valentines

happy valentines

To all you lovely ladies, if only i could treat you all to a nice meal and a night out.

Its true there is something about this day that makes us fell low, but you know what lets not let that happen!

We all have each other on here and we wont wake up tomorrow with a hangover!

I look at myself and i think why? whats wrong with me?

I am kind.

I am loving.

I treat ladies like queens.

I hope you all have a great day no matter what you are doing, keep a big smile because you know what? You are some of the most true,kind,caring,loving,understanding ladies i have ever meet.

I would give anything to have a partner like you!

Love Trip x

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What a lovely blog. Happy Valentines Day trip! x


aah Trip, you are lovely. And Im sure most of us would love a partner like you!! if only I was 20 years younger lol. You keep a smile on your face today too and perhaps we can all think of each other and toast ourselves tonight (even if its with a mug of tea)!



I have been married 20 years & even hubby hasnt said anything as nice as that what you have written ,,you are a star & made all us ladies feel special ,,thank you ,,if we could we would all come with you for a meal

They have a saying , there is a lid for every pot ....your lid is out there hun & will be a perfect fit when the times right for you to find it (it will be a very lucky lid as well;) )

Happy Valentines to you





*raises a mug of earl grey to all in this forum!"

May all of you have an anxiety free, happy valentine's day!!


Ohh,Trip,what a nice thought for all the ladies here,you are lovely, its people like you that make the world and this site a better place,have a good day.


Thank you all, just nice to show some love to all you amazing people.


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