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I cant take this anymore

Every morning i wake up having a panic attack,i wake up multiple times during the night having them.and have them all day.i just feel like crying.i cant take this feeling anymore.its making me so depressed.i dont think im ever gonna be normal again,ive tried so hard to overcome this and i cant.

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I do feel for you , I know how it feels to be where you are and you are so young and pregnant as well if I remember ( sorry if I am wrong on that one ) but I imagine your hormones will be all over the place as well if I am right which will not be helping

Maybe because I know we can you are trying to hard ?

When we see something as we have got to try which is like fighting how we feel we are giving it importance which then can have the reverse affect and make it worse it can sometimes be accepting what is happening and how we feel that can work better :-)

I know at the moment things must seem like they will never get better but they will , I would speak with your Doctor if you can , get some support as you sound like you really need it :-)

Take Care x


Yes,i went and seen my counsiler the other day and had a panic attack in the office with her.she told me to come back in 2 weeks because i need the support really bad right now.and yes i think my horemones have alot to do with it.ive had it this bad before,after having my second child,and finally got over it after a couple of months and being put on medication.and then i got pregnant again,and it all came back.i dont want to have to deal with this for that long again,im only 24 weeks pregnant and still have like 16 weeks to go.i dont think i can handle this for that long.i wake up multiple times in the night with these bad thoughts that put me into a panic attack which only causes my whole day to be nothing but panic and bad thoughts.im staying active and everything and still cant get rid of it.its always on my mind.


I too suffer daily, hourly, bedtime, you name it! But one thing i can tell you is CRY! Cry it out as much as you can, it truly helps me. When I just let all my frustrations about my daily anxiety and panic come out in full blown tears...I sincerely can breathe better and I feel a weight lifted. So cry, just let it out. I know it's very overwhelming....I am going through it all day everday too. I am tired of it, it's exhausting. But one thing I never do is give up. Today is actually one of the worst days I've ever had with it, but thankfully I was blessed to have this site and many wonderful people for support. We are not alone. Be well. ☺


I do cry,its just so stressful having to deal with this all the time.


Yes I know. That's the part that wears me out....its a daily, all day struggle. I am so exhausted of it too, so much that I don't feel like I am even living anymore. But what keeps me strong is knowing I am not alone, and not ever wanting to give up. That's what's amazing about us all...we keep going and never give up. I really do feel your pain and I hope you find the relief you need.


Are you taking meds?


I was on citralopam,but had to quit taking it bc im pregnant. And klonopin.but i still take like a quarter piece whenever i need it,my doctor said that was fine.


Are you taking medication?


are you taking meds?


Hi, I have been in this position where I was having daily, multiple panic attacks and it was constant. For months I struggled and felt like there was no way out. But, what I can say is that after CBT, mindfullness and then finally Hypnotherapy, I am feeling so much better. In the space of 3 months, I'm now able to do so much more and enjoy days where I don't have any anxiety or panic attacks. If you'd asked me 6 months ago if I'd thought that would be possible, I'd probably laughed and cried because I didn't see a way out. I truly believe the hypnotherapy was the thing that helped me feel better, the day after my first session I looked up and realised, hey I haven't had a panic attack that morning, so I took that one glimmer of hope and ran with it. Gradually I've had more and more days panic attack free.

I hope this gives you reassurance that this is not how it is always going to be, with time and work you get better. Don't feel lost, keep trying different things and you will find a way through this.


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