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My Meeting with MIND

The lady I saw was nice. It took me a while to be able to talk as my voice came out all squeaky and it was hard to explain things. I'd spent the week before going over things in my mind about what to say and it all came out in a jumbled mess, I hope she could unravel it all.

Hard to condense 20 years of anxiety into an hour.

Came out feeling quite drained, she going to have a think about how they can help me and I have another appointment in 2 weeks. Woke today feeling quite anxious as worried I am a hopeless case as have tried so many things over the years. She thought IBS may be an issue but I don't, possibly early menopause and has given me a leaflet about eating disorders as I find it so hard to eat when anxious. SHe said it's not just anorexia and bulimia they deal with but emotions are all connected to eating but I'm not sure about contacting them.

Thank you for all your support it means the world. xxx

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Thats good news , well done for going through with it

I feel the same its been 34 years or more for me , sounds simular to what I went to, well they came to me , she came back & they thought seeing a phycologist would be the best help for me & now on the waiting list

If you dont agree with anything they say dont feel under pressure that you have to agree , there were a couple of things she mentioned as well to me , but I said no , which is ok , but I do believe a phycologist would be the best in my case

Let us no how this goes





Hi boater and well done you :-)

I can imagine how drained you were having to get your thoughts and feelings in order and then speak to someone about them, not to mention the stress you felt leading up to your appointment. But you've crossed a big hurdle and I really hope you get everything you need from it to feel better.

Best wishes to you and well done again xxx


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