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pls help with this anxiety its scary and no-one understands

this is all new to me and im finding it really hard though i was getting over things then have come bk with a vengence, im findin dp really hard to deal with as well as constantly feeling like im goin to have a panic attack, i dnt even no anymore what im anxious about jus about being anxious is there any help, pls xx

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when did u start experiencing anxiety/panic attacks?xxx


this all started jus after xmas im goin through a divorce with my husband, my desicion! but he was horrible and made and still did till xmas make my life a misery, but i have kids with him so still have to see his family, im tryin to do all this without meds as i tried citalopram for few days but the anxiety got so bad i threatened to kill myself, now im not takin ne thing but vit b and magnesium for last few days but i fell really spaced out and like im not part of nething n this is what im findin hardest, is there any help, and the weird thoughts are scary!!


Anxiety is really hard to cope with and it seems now like you are in the cycle of fear, anxiety, fear. Everyone has different ways of coping, but there is help out there in the form of medication, talking therapies, cbt etc. Have you visited your gp and explained to them how you are feeling?


Welcome hun

You have found people that understand now , as we all suffer /have /are with anxiety & have /are feeling as you do , so you no longer have to feel alone with this

As Kaz says , have you been to see your GP about how you feel there is alot of help out there & GP'S are very understanding about this & there is no need to be afraid to tell them , as much support as you can get helps

Meanwhile come on here & keep talking & get support & reasurance from lovely people that no how you feel





im in the same boat im new to it all i have been having slight ones what last matter of minutes for past 15years but 6wk ago i had a bad one what didnt calm down until after 2 days i thought i was going to die!!! iv finaly told my GP and hes arranged some form of counciling so fingers crossed :)


Welcome tommysmummy, ive had a brkdwn + hav the same syptoms, started wiv random panick attacks but now its turned 2 extreme anxiety were i think im constantly panickin + 4 the same reasons as u its now simply fear feedin the fear. cnt c no way out as hav tried everythin, react 2 mst meds + on diazepam aswell as major tranquilisers but nothin hlps wiv me the anxiety is so strong + my dr said the only way that meds wld hlp is if they dosed me up 2 the eyeballs + wldnt b able 2 walk or anythin. also the mental hlth systom were i live is shot at but even though its unbarable hav 2 find the strength 2 find my own way out.x


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