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to go or not ????

Hi all im due to go to my inlaws on monday for a few days break, which is a 7 hour drive from my home, i suffer from anexity and panic and have not left my home in 3 month, today my physcologist tole me not to go as it would put me back from the progress i have made. ;long story short no help with councellor yet no therapy just proplane but i havent had panic attack for over a month and i just feel ready to live again. She says im pressuring myself to please my kids and hubby and i really should not go, now yes im housebound but my nervous reaction to people is not as bad i can handle strangers in my home now and i can go to my garden and watch people walk past n speak and not be bothered, am i jumping the gun ?? should i just go?? or is it worse beong home alone?? rxx donver xx

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This is a tough one to try & answer & I feel for you

I am waiting to see a physcologist myself & after years of suffering & doing things my way , which doesnt work , i have all the best intentions to take & follow their advice , as I believe they are very good

Having said that when I read your blog & see you will be home alone , i think O dear , thats not very nice

You say you can now handle people in your home & be in the garden , which is a great acheivement & you must be proud , a few days break is a bigger step from that , I do no physcologists like to take things slowly & they must have their reasons

I am been no help at all here , just thinking out loud

I would not want to say you should do one or the other , all I no is my gut feeling on things is always right , if i choose to listen to it

Hope which ever you do is right for you & you are happy

Let us no what you choose to do & we will support you





You have to look deep into your heart about his one, maybe if you go don't specify how long you will stay to take the pressure off. Seven days seems along time to be away from your home comforts. So just say it might be a few days at first then if you like it stay longer but pressure doesn't help us. Could the not come down to you or even meet half way for a lunch together to test the water a bit? Let us all know how you get on xx


How well do you get on with your in laws? Is your MIL someone you can talk to? If you need time by your self when your away will you be able to have it? Most important how supportive is your hubby?

Try answering these questions honestly to your self and maybe it might help in you make your mind up. It is a hard to sometimes to know what to do for the best. We can bring so much stress on our selves trying to figure our whats for the best.

I found myself in a similar situation this weekend. Good luck with your decision do the right thing for you.


I think you should go. I have been in similar situation and wat I do is taking medication with me for piece of mind! There only very light tAblets called propranolol and I have them with me anywhere I go ! When I start feeling anxious I just try to get over it but if it doesn't work I take two tablets to calm down! I think you b fine, good luck with whatever you decide to do x


Go! How will you ever know if you dont. I have struggled like this before, and I just got on with it. now, I have little worries if im going away Like tomorrow evening we are going away for friends wedding, but then I just say to myself im still with my partner who i feel very secure with and he will look after me so everything will be ok. Be positive, where are we going to get in life with know positivity? enjoy your life and move forwrd. When you come home from this trip it will give you inspiration to move on to the next challenge you face. best of luck x x x x


Well after much thought im not going :( its unfair to start a journey and have to turn back due to feeling crap so im stayin home with my 13 year old who didnt wanna go ne ways. I was fine until i was told not to go but i can see the points where made fairly i was expected to attend a family meal with new realtives i havent met yet and to attend a theme park which was a big noooo, so home bound again. thanks for all your comments i can assure you this has made me very determinded to get off my backside and get out thishouse now or never will come soon xx


How have u been over the weekend? Not going sounds like a good decision if it was going to be full of family activities. It's not something I would cope well with I can only do things in small chunks and normally unplanned as the build up is worse. I am off to France for a week with my kids and boyfriend and I am so scared it unbelievable but having my daughter with me I know I am safe, she is and has been my rock and I have also given in to pressure from doctors and family and will be using a wheelchair too as its unfair that I can only cope with being mobile for less than half an hour at a time and my family want to see so much. So having to put my pride aside and be a wheelie women for a week! Hahaha hope you are ok and your family had a good time and that you did too with your 13 year old.


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