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Scared to go on holiday

I suffer from severe health anxiety, and the thought of being far from home and a hospital is crippling. I panic if there's no one around that can help. In a month my family is planning to go to Portugal, but I know the whole time I'm going to suffer from multiple episodes, as I don't know where's the closest hospital, the language etc. I'm really panicking already, and I say I might not go even though I want to. I'm unsure what to do :/ was wondering does anyone else feel the same?

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Do you parents know how you are feeling , it would be so good to have their support , I would talk to them if you can & maybe together you could come up with a plan to help you feel secure

I must admit places like Portugal do have excellent medical care & because of all the holiday makers they do have lots of places near by where we can go in an emergency as well as most places like a Hospital or Doctors when abroad do mostly speak English or there is some staff that do

Could you try & change your thinking pattern , I know with anxiety we are very negative but in your post & it is a month away yet you have already made your mind up that you won't cope , this is something we tend to do & it is like we are setting ourselves for a fall before we try again that is the anxiety ....how about saying for now I will not think about what could happen but take each day as it comes & live within that day , try not to let your mind go to far ahead

Could you go & talk with your Doctor there maybe something they can give you just to help you relax if you need it on this holiday

Think about the positives to the Holiday ....Hopefully nice weather , blue sea , sunshine , lovely views the list could go on & maybe laying on the beach with some relaxing music while the Sun is shining , oh how lovely would that be :-)

One more think the old fashioned blowing into a brown paper bag method when you are feeling anxious or feel you may have a panic attack really is helpful , maybe pack a few of those & take them with you

I hope you manage to go & show this anxiety that it won't spoil you having a good time

Take Care x


Hey !!! The sunshine will help your anxiety ! The vitamin d will do you good . I suffer the same I worry about flying etc. use the support from your family to help , share your worries , it might even be good to search the hospitals etc and plan your trip . Take everyday as it comes . The more you travel the easier it will get , as if you create great memories about the times you go it will turn it to a positive experience rather than a negative :-) xxx


Thank you so much for the replies 😊 my parents know how I'm feeling but don't want me to spoil the holiday. Hopefully I'll be alright once I'm there for a day or two. Will just have to wait and see 😁


please get Claire Weekes Book poss Amazon' Simple effective teatment of agoraphobia'. it was my Bible and covers all the what you are suffering. I have been there it never fully goes but you do learn to cope.



I once went away, not to another country, but just a few hours out and stayed at a house and it was not fun. I had panic attacks, just a lot of stuff. BUT nothing bad happened. I wasn't able to enjoy myself because of ME. A couple weeks ago, I went to a formal. Now this was big since I hadn't hung out with friends and I'm de personalized and I was having a stomach ache and almost backed out. But as soon as I stepped into the building, the stomach ache went away! And I stayed for the entire time! Sometimes, it really takes you forcing yourself. Feeling comfortable is usually never a solver; to feel in the midst of panic and then SEE nothing bad happens. That retrains your brain to associate it with a non threatening environment rather than a dangerous one. If it's a huge concern, learn how to say hospital in Portuguese. Both that and "police" is probably a good thing to learn anyway, regardless of anxiety.


I suffer with this feeling every time I leave the house. I don't make plans anymore as the thought of being somewhere at a certain time causes extreme panic. I completely understand how you feel. A holiday though is probably the best thing you could do for your anxiety and you will be around family who you trust and can support you. I know it's easier said then done though as the anxiety always seems to take over from the rational part of the brain. Xx


go have good time a way make feel a lot better in your self


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