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Tesco tizzy

What is the deal with these panic attacks?

Why are we made to suffer?

What have we done wrong?

I've discovered you really dont have to feel worked up or anything before they strike. My attacks come on instantly. I have no reason. I don't feel scared or threatened, they just happen.

I was in Tesco about two hours ago and had an attack walking through the boys clothing.

Don't know why it happened or even what i was thinking about that could have caused it but i thought i was going to die right there next to the wellies lol.

I even considered going to the changing cubical to 'die' because then at least i wouldnt cause a scene. But didnt feel capable of putting one foot infront of another.

I had to pretend i was looking at the clothes while i calmed myself down, regulated my heartbeat and took my coat off.

As horrid as it sounds, i'd like to see someone have a panic attack as i've been told i just look normal (don't bleeding feel it) but have 'scared eyes' afterwards.

My CBT lady said when she goes shopping around the supermarket and spots an abandoned trolley she cant help but wait for the owner to come back. She said nine times out of ten someone walks up to it all sheepishly and wheels it straight towards the checkout.

Panic attacks are very common but why does no-one tell you this before you start getting them yourself?

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Hi Karenx

I ask myself those questions a million times like so many people who suffer panic attacks and anxiety you find people with lots of care and feelings suffer eventually we take on to much.

The worse thing about panic is there is no warning and then all of a sudden like you said feel like your going to curl up and die. I know i have to take my coat off legs feel like jelly and i just want to scream. You did make me laugh about dying next to the wellies least you still have your sense of humor. The worse part is when your in a busy place you think everyone notices and your causing a scene and like my daughter keeps saying no one would know anything.

I sometimes feel as if i have a big light flashing on my head lol.

You sound positive so just keep going hoping things will get better for you soon

Big hugs

Seyi xxx


Hi Karen, your post had me in fits, I can so relate to going to the changing room so as not to cause a scene lol :-))

May be a tesco thing, I was in my local tesco express and had an attack, I bent down pretending to look at stock while gripping a shelf for dear life, trying to remember how to breath. No changing rooms in the express lol, if only xxx well done, you got through it without bolting xxx

Best wishes cookie


hi, i think the fear of causing a scene tends to make me even worse becouse lets face it when ever anything happens in my town people stop and stare......they do no matter what it is but yet know one wants to talk about it!!!!!!! i think fear stops most people from talking about it and the shame they feel with it. im past that now myself but soooooo many people think if they ignore it it will just go away. well done for making it home. had a similar experience on monday and just felt so unbareably scared and irritable. we should all go tesco together so we are not the only ones making a scene:) xxxxxxxx


Lol can u imagine us lot all bowling into tescos lol, trolleys and all, then having a communal panic attack lol xxxx that has made my day xxx


Hi Cookie

Reading your post i have done exactly the same making out i am looking for something talking to myself and breathing hoping the panic will subside. Your comment did put a smile on my face we all seem to do this at one time or another. Have a good day :)


Seyi xxx


Hi There I have been feeling light headed for months now,every day but I still try and get out especially to Tesco's,I have anxiety and have had for 30 years on and off,when I hear some people say I just love the Adrenaline rush,I say oh yes,I think one of the problems with Anxiety is that I feel that I am the only one in the world like this but I know that's not true,have been out to day feeling light headed all the time but still managed to get round,I think we should all wear a badge of courage and perseverance on our coats,its not a nice feeling but I am proud of you all .Take care


Thought I was imagining this I have been lightheaded for months on and off now and didn't realise it was all pargy of anxiety x


There must be something about Tesco ! That is where i was 10 years or so ago that i had an awful experience , which resulted in me slowly stopping going out

Maybe we should avoid Tesco & try another supermarket

Sorry it happened to you , i no what its like , but you dealt with it really well & feel proud of that , takes alot to keep control when we are out & it happens





It wouldn't help - you can have them in Asda too!!!!

Worst panic attack I've ever had (during the day) was in my local bookshop. It was one of the first I had had (twenty years ago now) and what I remember most now is not how bad I felt but how kind the staff were :)



Please know it has nothing to do where you are or who you are with. It all comes from inside us. After 30 years suffering from anxiety attacks and not leaving my house I now realize I have a chemical imbalance. I wouldn't take any medications because I was afraid. Back then there wasn't much you could take. So I suffered for 30 years. Finally I broke down and went to a Dr who prescribed medication for me and I have for the first time living my life like a "normal" person.

For anyone who is thinking about taking meds first find a good Dr and make sure you start with the lowest dosage and SLOWLY work up to what you need.

Good Luck and God Bless you All!


Thank you all for your comments.

Its good to think it's not just me facing this challenge everytime i need some milk.

I did laugh about us all bowling into Tesco, oh you can imagine!

I might suggest to Tesco about having a quiet area for people who need to calm down (or die). I bet they have no idea how stressful their stores are to us poor folk.

I'm trying to steer away from medications. I want to feel 'normal' but i want to 'be normal'. (Sorry if that sounds patronising, i do not mean it that way).

I've had Vallium when i first started having attacks but i didnt want to become reliable of them 'just incase'. But i think of meds as my last result before the straight jacket brigade intervene and i dont think i'm quite there just yet.

Anyway my doctor could give me smarties. As long as he told me they would calm me they would. I am so gullible lately.

Teabags- are you with me on saying other people can keep their Adrenaline rushes?

Just a plain, regular heartbeat will do me just fine.


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