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Anxious Thoughts? Am I Alone?

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Hi guys

So i need some peace of mind.

Had anxiety from the age of 16 (now 23) and a few weeks ago i had a major crash? was at woek and had a panic attack which completely set my mind and worry off into a worry-fear-worry cycle. Since then ive gone completely into myself, feel hopeless and numb, not myself at all, dont feel like doing anything i used etc. The main problem i have thougj is my mind over analysing everything? my immortality, we are all robots and are all the same, why are we here? whats our purpose etc. Just wondering if these are common symtoms (thoughts) of anxiety? and if so has anyone got any advice that would help. Thanks in advance x x

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Hi ya, we all do over think things due to the anxiety. Uve got to try and get ur self away from the cycle of panicking and worrying, its easyer said then done I know. The more u don't want to do anything the more ur worrying and panicking will stay with u. Try and do alittle sumthing each day, if it means walking to the shop, walking the dog around the block then u will slowly pick ur self back up. Then worrying and pancking thoughts say positive thoughts to them in ur head. So positive ones will start taking ova the negative ones. I hope u start feeling better soon xxx

Hi. Sorry to hear you are going through a bad time. My mind over analyses everything too and it causes major anxiety and total brain overload as you live every minute over and over again. Anxiety comes from negative thoughts/predications such as I am going to humiliate myself at this interview. Whenever you get them you have to question them and ask where is the evidence of this. Thoughts of people who have anxiety are irrational ones and when you question them and ask for evidence that this bad thing will happen there is always no evidence.

Like donaf says set yourself small targets and when you meet them it will give you a boost. People with anxiety (such as myself, see my recent blog on her on Highly sensitive people) are perfectionists and set themelves very high targets that even people without anxiety would struggle to achieve. Set yourself manageble targets and you will feel good when you meet them. You can increase targets slowly further down the line.

Good Luck.

We are all here with you aries, my anxiety tends to go in cycles. It is particulary bad at the moment. But im trying to fight it and not give into it. As soon as you find yourself with negative thoughts try and distract yourself. Im not particulary sporty but I do find going for a run even if it is only 2 miles helps. It is impossible to feel anxious when running. I also take 5HTP (from health stores) avoid caffine and use the headspace app. I also use a mood logger app which is a NHS app.

Take care xx

Thank you all for your comments people, it means alot. Im just so bewildered and trapped at the moment :-( feel like im going to be in this place forever!!!! -x-

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looloo in reply to aries4eva

Hi ive been fighting pretty much the same thoughts as yourself from age of 10 for at least 40 years UNTIL someone explained to me that anxiety is just a thought that sticks in the middle of your forehead and doesnt travel through like the other million thoughts that we have a day, and because it doesnt move we try to resolve it to sort it out in our head and because this thought has caused us we think to have a gut wrenching feeling (shaky legs , unreality , outside looking in.) etc everytime that feeling comes we assume it is the thoughts coming back so habit makes us start looking for it again therefore we fall into the habit of trying to resolve the thought. Try this simple yet difficult task when you feel the thought coming allow it to come let it pass over and see that that is all it is an irrational thought in a tired mind. I am sorry that there is no quick fix for this but if you source a book called

"At last a life" by PAUL DAVID you will find that you are not alone and also there is a way out.........also please dont scoff at medication, at this point it is only a crutch but if you had a broken leg you would use one!!!!!!!

fight the good fight you WILL get well


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aries4eva in reply to looloo

Thank you very much for this post. Sorry to hear you suffered for sooooo long. Have you ridden yourself of the thoughts and anxiety? -x-

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