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Countdown to Easter

I am working a late shift today then I am off for a week for Easter :)

Of course I feel anxious about being off, nervous of what might happen, worried that some disaster might strike. But I am going to try and make an effort and do some positive stuff, even if it is freezing cold out there.

I would say I am off red alert at the moment and on an amber warning, just ready to jump into panic mood at any minute. Sorry to make a joke about it, but it is how it feels.

On the positive side, I slept well last night. Spent some quality time with hubby watching old tv program's from the 1970's.

Hope everyone can find something good about today. X

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A lovely positive blog for the morning :) I always find my days go much better when I've had a good sleep.

I hope your amber drops to yellow and you have a lovely week off :)



Hi Tara, glad to hear you are feeling ok and no need to apologise for making jokes, it's good to be able to laugh and retain a sense of humour, god knows I do all the time. I too love watching old tv progs. We must be getting old lol. Xxx hope you have a good day.


Hi Tara, hope you enjoy your week off. Keep telling yourself it will be disaster free! Sounds like you have a plan, although this weather doesn't help does it. We now in our third week of no central heating so sometimes I go out for a walk to get warm lol!


Thanks everyone, for some reason I have this built in be prepared for the worst mode, I think if I turn it off I won't be able cope when sometime happens. Obviously my brain is wired wrong. Cookiepatch we love old 70's stuff especially kids TV, it was so bad but so good if you know what I mean. I'm 40, hubby is 45 we never watch regular TV, we have a DVD collection of classic golden oldies. Life seems so much simpler then, but I could be just being nostalgic :) x

Get yourself a hot water bottle and strap it to you Kat :) x


Can't beat a bit of rainbow and do you remember pitkins with Hartley hare, the ugliest rabbit known to man lol xxx I wish I could be back there only now aged 45. Before the Internet. I thought that tennis game was the dogs doo daas, the black screen with two white lines and the dot ball, superb, not to mention Rolf harris and his organ lol xxx


Ha ha, spending a lot of time on plumbing forums. Foxed the central heating engineer and am £550 lighter ... Second opinion later this week, and snow predicted for Easter !


Hi Tara im the opposite I have the week off and I can't wait I think mine has more to do with the fact im not happy with my job hope you have a good time off I will also try keep us posted x


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