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Do i have a form of anxiety?

I'm developing theese irrational fears truly irrational, well more like irritations, such as my jaw clicking when I eat food, my ears popping when I swallow spit, tinnitus, and eye floaters, it can be really irritating when I suddenly become aware of them because it stay on my mind for quite a while, and I start to worry about thinking about them, even writing this I feel is a bad idea because its making an issue out of it which will make them stay in my mind more. I know it sounds crazy, Is this a form of anxiety and how can I overcome this or start working to sort it out?

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Hello,as hard as it is,you need to convince yourself that these feelings,as real as they seem are not.Yes,its damned hard because of the power of the mind and the chemical imbalance we all suffer from.My ex went through this years ago and came out the other side,she inspires me to fight this shite and fight i will.Keep telling yourself its not real,i keep telling myself im beautiful but actually look like shrek,who cares,take care!


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