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St Johns Wort and knitting

Just wondering if any takes St Johns Wort, I took it years ago but can't remember if it made any difference. I have started taking them again and wonder how long it takes before you notice any difference. I have noticed the brand I buy has been repackaged with 'help with low mood' not mentioning depression. I bought a months suppy so I will try them anyway, it's only one tablet a day so I should remember.

Working today, so feeling a bit anxious. Having in laws to visit at the weekend so feeling very anxious about that one. I have been able to distract myself with a bit of knitting, a friend gave me loads of old wool so I am knitting scarves for charity, so I feel I am doing some good.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend :)

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hope that your weekend with the inlaws goes ok

Like you i have been knitting and find it great for aniexty as i have to sit down ,

i was also given wool and started knitting a scarf bt have since turned it into a blanket or it will be when its finished .

i havent ad st johns wart i am diabetic and i dont think the two go together

any way heres wishing you well

take care x


Hey Im on prescription meds for severe anxiety and depression but on my prescription it says "for low mood" which is an understatement so I guess it's just how they brand it. My brother takes it for depression and says it helps him he has the odd bad day but generally he's good. I think no matter what you take whether herbal or prescription they all take time to work. Good luck with the inlaws take care x


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