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just to say one thing cheered me up today all my lovelies and this was my 1st borns 16th birthday ahh Sweet 16 and if i do say so myself she looked absolutely stunning going for her meal with her boyfriend lewis who thinks the world of her i am so proud of how grown up she is guys she really is at just 16 and i know my wonderful dad will be looking down on her too and he will be so proud of how mature and polite she is i love her dearly Happy Birthday Brodie-Lee xxxxxx

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Ahh how sweet, My daughter 16 next month.


Ah thanks love doesnt time go so quick and before you know it they all grown up i am so proud of her they are the most precious things in our lives xxxx


It goes so fast mines 16 too this year , doesn't seem 2 minutes since she was starting school & now in last year and looking forward to sixth form. Glad you are feeling a bit better xxx


Happy Birthday Sweet 16

I am so pleased it gave you so much pleasure Sheffield , i no the feeling



Ah thanks guys it makes you think life is worth living when you have such wonderful children and they are what keeps me going my eldest was so scared to see me in the state i was and couldnt believe it was me for the months i was ill i think most of the time she avoided me and spent alot of time with my mum not cos she wasnt concerned but simply cos she just didnt know what to do or say to make me feel better but i know she loves me cos she was so worried about seeing me like this thanks guys xxxxx


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