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Scared of permenant symptoms!

Sorry to post so much but I've got such a long wait until I can get medical attention and I'm only getting worse. I'm on lansoprazole, gaviscon advance and sertraline at the moment. I've strictly controlled my diet; no caffeine and spices, virtually no sugar and processed foods, less dairy. I'm trying to be active and keep myself busy or drink more water AND I've got a wedge pillow to raise the bed head at night. Yet despite all these precautions my reflux-like problems continue. I'm really at a loss and worried I may be one of those "severe" cases but that I won't get surgery for it if I am. Every day without fail I get:

- Wet belches; they don't burn but they still cause other symptoms.

- Loads of post nasal drip and a lump throat feeling.

- Sore, dry throat which lozenges hardly affect.

- Feeling of liquid "pooling" in my throat while eating. This does burn!

- Hot burning feeling across my body but mostly on my tongue, forehead, face (!) and back of neck.

- "Hungry" feeling/gurgling

- Trouble swallowing when throat is really tight. Even water gets stuck.

Anxiety? Even with the setraline? That possibilty is the only thing that keeps me sane. I don't want anything for the rest of my life, I'm only 21!

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Hi There

I suffer reflux due to Hiatus Hernia and i know my symptoms are more agitated by stress so the more I panic the more I am aware of my reflux syptoms, I find when i am anxious that my symptoms seem to get worse especially the burning feeling in my chest and throat. It might be worth taking another visit to your GP about these symptoms and also letting him/her know that your anxiety is getting worse, apparantly this is a side effect of setraline and it is supposed to go after a couple of weeks taking them, if you have been taking them longer than that I would speak to your GP about it as those particular meds might not be right for you.

I hope everything works out for you, keep away from pastry and fried food as these things aggravate reflux too. I have my reflux under control without meds but it has been a long process in eliminating the foods that aggravate it. I have started taking time out to do simple relaxation and breathing meditation to help reduce the stress too.

Anyway good luck with everything




Hi my husband suffers from reflux the, doctor gave him omneaprazole he takes them at night as that's when he's at his worse. Since taking them he's so much better and has no sickness either .


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