To scared to function

I feel like I'm slowly going crazy because of my anxiety. I don't know when or why it started happening but now I over think everything and I panic. I don't understand I use to be happy and energetic, I had friends I saw all the time and a job I sorta liked. Now I avoid everyone and try to keep to myself. I'm terrified of any social activitie where  I believe I'll be uncomfortable.  I can barely function on my own anymore I'm nervous to even be around my family. I hope this makes since. I just really need someone to understand. 


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  • Have you recently had an illness or other stressful situation?

  • The past few years have been pretty stressful for me for many different reasons. 

  • That can really take its toll physically, especially if it's affecting your sleep.

  • Some nights I lay in bed exhausted but unable to fall asleep other times I go to bed early and don't wake up until 3 in the afternoon. It's rare when I actually get a good nights sleep. 

  • Hey there.  I understand exactly what you are going through.  I have gone through that at different points in my life.   But I just want you to know that you are not going to go crazy because of your anxiety and panic attacks even though it feels like you will.   I have literally held on to every second  thinking I was going to go insane.  Your mind could definitely be your own worst enemy.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Cut yourself some slack.   Would love to talk to you about anything you'd like; anything you're feeling; or anything at all.   

  • I just don't understand why I feel the way I do. I know it's all in my head I have nothing to worry about everything becomes 100 times worse when I over think it. Yet I live in constant fear of everything. It's hard to describe. Even writing this makes me anxious because I feel like I'm not explaining it right. I appreciate your concern and any advice you may have.

  • You are explaining yourself perfectly fine.  I do completely understand what you are saying.  I have lived in constant fear of every single thing as well.  I am feeling much better these days, but I always get nervous when I say that because I know things can turn in an instant.  However,  you can't cure all of your anxiety in a couple minutes.  I would highly recommend trying to stay in the present and doing something small for a couple minutes at a time; reading, cleaning, watching a little TV.   Doesn't have to be for long just a few minutes.  One thing that used to work for me was I would designate a time I was allowed to worry myself.   So I would have a cut off time of let's say 7PM and tell myself I was allowed to worry again in the morning.  Believe it or not this silly trick actually worked a lot of the times and gave me a mental rest.  I know it's not going to work all the time otherwise we all would do it.  Just trying to throw a few ideas out there.   Also, you will not always feel this way.  Try to accept that you are not feeling so good right now and your nerves aren't well.  Just like you recover from the flu, you too will recover from this.  Take it slow and don't put too much pressure on yourself to be all better at once. 

  • I won't get better because I'm afraid of the anxiety. My mind is focused on my stomach and the fear and I can't stop. It's driving me crazy and making me sick.

  • I feel same way is hard u I juss wanna b left alone I can't even go outside 

  • hi Blurry_face,

    How could your family or your friend will understand the issue you are facing unless they know about it. I think you should not avoid your family or friends. Go outside more often, start socializing..I think it will help.

  • That's the thing I've told my family how I feel they just don't understand. They don't suffer from anxiety like I do they're very social people and believe I'mjust being silly. They constantly drag me into situations where I feel extremely uncomfortable. I love my family and know they want what's best for me they just don't understand and I don't know how else to explain it to them.

  • Hi Blurry_face, the thing is you can't make family or friends understand.  I think that is the most hurtful part of anxiety is being brushed off like we are making it up.  This forum is the best place to come to get your feelings validated.  We all understand.  Take care.

  • Hello, I just wanted to let you that I too, feel the same way as you. I avoid things now, that I would never given a second thought to before. Driving, shopping, socializing, being alone, etc. It seemed to have started for me after my son was born. (That was 5 years ago) It started with a couple of vertigo episodes while in the car (so I avoid driving), I get dizzy while I'm sitting in a social environment and feel like i can faint at any moment. I overthink and worry constantly. I used to get migraines several times a week. I havent had a vertigo episode for a couple years now, and i rarely ever get migraines anymore, but I still get dizzy often. I do try to challenge myself to do things anyway. It really is a mind game, and I don't understand why it's so hard to untrain my brain to be like I used to be. I too, feel like I am going crazy. Hang in there and feel free to message me anytime.

  • Hi, I do get dizzy often, I don't know if it is link to anxiety, but I really can't think of why I get dizzy episode almost everyday and I scare that I am going to faint or something is really wrong with me.

  • I to can relate to your feelings! I overthink things, l feel anxious fearful and light headed. It's a nasty horrid feeling isn't it. It makes me depressed and nervous. I function daily just pretending I'm ok. It's like being an actress and can be draining and xhausting. It helps to know your not alone. Best wishes and thoughts to you.

  • Hi Evelynarnold, Well said, I feel the same way. I am an actress and life is the stage. It can be very wearing performing every day. We should get a standing ovation for our performance. :) Take care dear.

  • Oh I do understand. Anxiety can be debilitating and sad. I don't want to work anymore. I know I would just be happier sitting in my comfy home and not ever dealing with people or family. I like being alone. I hate leaving my house unless I absolutely have too to remain somewhat functional.

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