God damn anxiety!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this whole online soul delving, so please bear with me.

I have had problems with anxiety on and off for around 10 maybe 12 years, and am getting a tad miffed with it to say the least!

I find it very difficult to go out, making sustaining a job fairly impossible, and socialising incredibly uncomfortable. As such, I don't have what I would call a blossoming social life, if any at all, and generally feel quite isolated, which I'm sure many of you guys can empathise with.

I was just wondering if anyone had any coping strategies they would care to share, just little things to get you through the day without screaming or committing some horrendous act of madness.

Thanks very much,



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  • Invariably you need to find ways to challenge your fears and anxiety and to take small steps to get out if you can. Please try to consider some CBT therapy, that Anxiety UK offers for members at discounted rates. You don't even need to go out for this as it can be done over the phone or via Skype on a computer. I have also found breathing exercises a real help when I'm feeling most anxious. When we feel anxious or are in a low mood we often don't realise that we are shallow breathing which makes us feel worse still. Finally Anxiety UK may be able to find a suitable local support group for you to go to. Never give up - there is always something more you can do or try. Good luck.

  • Hi,

    Thanks very much for your reply. I'm currently waiting for an appointment to see a therapist, though I'm not sure if it will be specifically CBT.

    I cancelled an appointment I had last week due to my nerves, daft I know, and having had numerous therapy sessions in the past, am a bit unsure whether it would actually help me.

    Unfortunately, leaving the house isn't my main concern, without being too graphic, I also have problems with IBS like symptoms,caused by my anxiety, and so I am afraid of straying too far from my comfort zone. And around we go.


  • hi love yes like formidible says it is right try to face your fears little by little i got really bad at xmas and wouldnt even drive my car i found it so hard and my anxiety was at a high i was suffering from terrrible panic attacks and depression on top and went to my doctors who told me i needed to face my fears and i thought easier said than done i am on meds which have helped but i kept going that little bit further in my car and eventually driving isnt a problem i still have health anxiety and still fear about my heart this was due to losing my father to a heart attack but am trying so hard now to not let it win and prob like you have up and down days still but we have to keep going love and people on here are so nice and helpful so keep blogging xxxx

  • Hi,

    Thanks very much for your reply, in an odd way it is always comforting to know that you aren't alone. I'm glad your feeling a little better, and hope you succeed in getting off this undesirable rollercoaster!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Amy you are definitely not alone there's lots of people who understand how hard this is (me included). Cancelling your appointment isn't daft facing your fears is a brave but tough thing to do. I'm on meds and having therapy sessions and once you attend the first one it takes the anxiety away as you become more comfortable with the person you are working with. In the meantime try to do something that makes you feel good and builds up your confidence. It doesn't have to be anything big I started with a short walk and when I feel under pressure I do 30 mins of a Pilates DVD and it takes the edge off. Even reading a chapter of a book or a long soak in the bath often helps. Take care and let us know how you get on love eve x

  • Hi Amy,

    I am really new to this, but I have found coming on here has help me. I felt so alone and it is good to know that there are other people out there get it. I go for a walk around my block and I took up yoga which has helped to relax me

  • They was a point where I fought my anxiety to the point were I didn't feel it any more and just a little push could get me going again abut it gets worse and is difficult go outside

  • Billzhao, Fighting anxiety is a futile battle. The more we fight it, the more it hangs on. As you can see, it is taking over a little more of your life. The fear of going outside. I had that for 5 years. Just the thought of walking outside my door would make me tremble. I became a prisoner in my own home. I did however, have 5 years to research and study anxiety in full. Reading books that explained the mind/body experience was an education that I put to good use.

    Acceptance of anxiety is what finally brought me to a safe place within myself. I took back control of my life and if and when anxiety tries to disrupt my life, I go right on with what I was doing. Anxiety becomes cowardly and backs off. It's a learning process that can and does need to be done. Everyone is entitled to a full life uninhabited by our fears. One step at a time Bill and you will reach your goal. :)

  • I know

  • Yes it is thank you

  • I get it for some people life can be swift smooth and happy but for others it's a living hell I get it I would get demolishes by anxiety if I was going to go out but I know why so yea

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