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Is this anxiety?? Please answer ASAP

Basically I'm unsure that if I have anxiety or not. I currently suffer from depression which I plan to go back onto medication for. I'm just not sure if it is anxiety or not and you really like your advice and opinions on whether it is or not, please.

Every time I'm out in public I just feel incredibly paranoid in that I feel like people are watching and judging me which ends up in be being very self-conscious to the point where I get it into my head that I'm even walking wrong (which makes me very aware of each step and is quite off-putting)! Talking to people is very difficult as I just feel generally uncomfortable and ill-at-ease because I feel like anyone I talk to is just silently judging me and this is very obvious to anyone who knows me because I can't really hold a conversation and am generally very awkward and even look uncomfortable. Another aspect of this is that I don't "feel" like I connect to people i.e. I know someone would be my best friend but I just don't feel the bond which just leaves me feeling detached and isolated.

When anything is planned I would initially possibly be excited about the prospect of it happening but this would usually quickly change as I over-thing and deconstruct the entire situation, looking for non-existing flaws. This has just taken the joy out of so many experiences and is a huge burden which has ruined a number of relationships in that I refuse to date someone due to all of the perceived "problems". I just can't help it!

There is more that I feel I should say about me for you to be the judge of but some of the physical manifestations would be that when I do feel more "anxious" or "panicky" than normal I would end up getting migraines which would then last for a number of others, I would feel really warm and itchy all over- as if I'm being jabbed by pins all over my body (head in particular) and I would become quite restless i.e. I can't sit still and would need to move and when trying to work I would end up fiddling with objects. I also suffer quite badly from an insomnia as at night I would start to panic more as I deconstruct things either from that day or just from my life in general.

What I would like to know from you guys is if you think that this is some form of anxiety and if I should seek out advise on this too? Thank you for bearing with this and for any advice/ opinions you may offer.

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Hi starkid, sorry to hear what you go through I totally understand cause I feel the same way sometimes. It's definitely anxiety you are experiencing and sometimes anxiety plays with our mind to the point that we question if its really anxiety or not. You don't have to be feeling anxious to suffer from anxiety it comes in all sorts of ways for example, when you go out you start feeling paranoid that you being judged and looked at in a different way, this is what anxiety makes you do it put thoughts into your head and creates cycles. This is what makes anxiety worse by thinking and reacting to those thoughts it's like we train our mind and body to think and feel the way we do. Best thing to do even if the anxiety are causing the symptoms your describing which I tell you they very well can, go seek advice from doctors at least you would put your mind at rest. Hope this helped, hope you feel better soon and stay strong.


Hi you have written a very interesting blog which is not easy to answer.I am not a doctor but I am quite ancient and have suffered from depression/anxiety for many years.

I am sure the insomnia part is anxiety.But reading between the lines I think that your anxiety may be caused by an underlying paranoia.It is very common and nothing to worry about.In fact my own daughter had it at the age of 39yrs.It is easily treated by simple medication but I do feel that you should seek professional advice asap.It is quite possible that I am quite wrong but I think you know within yourself that you need help.


Hi Starkid,

Anxiety does present itself in many different ways. I do think what you have described is a form of anxiety. Regarding the insomnia, which 60% of the population suffer from at some stage throughout their lives, in most cases is stress related. You should get yourself a good counsellor and get back on medication. Although anxiety will come and go throughout our lives, it is manageable with the right life style, healthy food, lots of rest and sleep, meditation, counselling, medication etc.

Good luck


I've suffered from severe anxiety for over twenty years and gone through many different types therapies, medications etc. What popped up recently was my overwhelming feeling of being 'judged', particularly by men... Makes sense now and had been staring me in the face but I just didn't recognise it, nor did my earlier therapists.


I'd say you were anxious. Let's face it, anxiety often goes with depression, which goes with low self-esteem. I would seek help, if I were you. It may be an underlying problem which could be identified and solved. Low self-esteem is the root of many conditions and can be due to life events or a 'special need' like dyslexia (not that you have dyslexia). Have a good chat with a professional and see if you can discover the root cause. You obviously are not 'odd' or lacking in any way. You write so eloquently and sensibly. Take heart. you can kick this. Good luck, love. xxx


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